Roaming Aimlessly Through The Streets Of Pittsburgh. Unaware Of The Tragedy That Awaited This City.

Roaming Aimlessly Through The Streets Of Pittsburgh. Unaware Of The Tragedy That Awaited This City.

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After my long ride to Pittsburgh on Friday , I settled into my hotel, and was soon off  exploring the Steel City. It was a cool and overcast day as I walked beneath the towering building near my hotel. I followed Ross Street down to Forbes Avenue, and made my way to  the campus of Duquesne Law School.crossing sign and skyscraper

My niece Cassidy is a student here and it was my first visit to the campus. In fact it was my first real visit to this city. I had a few hour layover here twenty years ago on a trip to Los Angeles.  I  had a nice conversation  with my niece outside the library of the law school.  I than  continued my walk through the campus. Duquesne University sign

As I made my way around the law school I was greeted with the foul, but familiar odor of fallen fruit of a female ginkgo tree. It is unmistakable. female ginkgo fruit

There were many of these trees growing throughout the campus and the city. They are my favorite tree. I planted one in my front yard when I built my house. ginkgo trees on campus

I took a quick tour of the quiet campus. I recalled my days in college and law school so many years ago. Time does  fly.crucifix and skyscraper

I than made my way back into the hustle and bustle of the city. I soon learned it is nowhere near as large or congested as my favorite Pennsylvania city, Philadelphia, but like all big cities it had traffic, large buildings and a lot to explore.interstate traffic and Pittsburgh skyline  

And  it was after 3 p.m. and there the added usual  rush hour traffic. I was told by the receptionist at my hotel to walk Fifth Avenue to Market Square of the city.  On  my way I caught sight of this old bridge and I had to check it out. . When I travel  and roam the streets of a city I am easily distracted by new or different sights. Liberty Bridge

I walked toward the old bridge and decided I had to cross and see what was on the other side. I later learned I was walking over the Monogahela River on the Liberty Bridge. Liberty Bridge Pittsburgh

On the other side I found a shopping center in an old train station. I also spotted a sign for  the Monogahela Incline . Once again I had to explore.  I soon learned the incline was unattended and I had to figure out how to obtain the right fare card and ride the vacant  car up the incline. 

I was the only passenger as the car ascended the Mount Washington area of Pittsburg. I took in the ever expanding vista as the car slowly ascended the steep incline built in 1870. 

I reached the summit and took in the views of the city and river below.  It is apparent from  up here where the city got its other nickname, The City of Bridges. They are everywhere, spanning the “three rivers” that merge at the city, the Allegheny, the Monogahela and the Ohio. I learned there are more bridges here than in Venice. Here is a link to some more photographs from my walk to the incline. Pittsburgh city walk part one October 26 2018

The attendant at the top of the incline strongly encouraged me to walk to a second incline. He said it was a short 10 minute walk. So I walked along Grandview Avenue which lived up to its name. The views of the city were spectacular even on this cloudy and cool day. 

I walked past both lavish homes and  modest townhouses in this neighborhood on the hill. 

They were well-kept, many having gardens  with flowers in bloom,

and others decorated for the season. 

My walked took me past restaurants, businesses, and a couple beautiful churches. 

One had a message that was not followed in the city when the horrible events took place the next day. 

I enjoyed the walk but it took more than 10 minutes. The Duquesne Incline was almost  a mile from the  Monogahela Incline, which meant I had another mile to walk back. And I had dinner reservations early evening so I knew I had to walk fast. 

I had no time to visit, what appeared to be,  an informative museum at the incline.  I took the next car down the incline and found myself in a remote area near Interstate 376. 

The only way to cross the Monogahela River and return to the downtown was to cross the Interstate 376 bridge. Thankfully there  was a narrow pedestrian walk along the highway. It wasn’t the most pleasant walk but it got me across the river. 

I was near Point State Park when I crossed the river. I saw a lot of folks entering the park but I had no time to follow them and  headed through the city in rush hour traffic.

I walked beneath the many modern buildings in the congested traffic and crowds of rush hour. 

I walked back along Fifth Avenue and just about made it to my hotel when the rain started. I was now around 5 p.m. so I quickly showered and meet my niece for a nice dinner at the Carlton Restaurant near my hotel. 

We had a pleasant conversation about law school and life in Pittsburgh. Little did we know how that life would change  for some of  the cities resident with the tragic killing of the 11 members of the Tree of Life Synagogue the next morning. I still cannot comprehend how such hate can exist in such a beautiful world. More about that in another blog post. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike. City walk part two October 26 2018. 

I would always reserve a special place in my heart for Pittsburgh. Willie Stargell

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