Robins, Welcome Back!!! We Sure Missed You.

Robins, Welcome Back!!! We Sure Missed You.

Robin 3 (9 of 16)
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They are late this year. They weren’t braving that  deep snow cover and cold temperatures.  I’ve been out looking for them for a over week now and I knew as soon as I began my walk this morning they were back. I heard that beautiful song in the morning twilight and knew I would spot one today.

Sure enough, later on my walk, I spotted my first robin. It may not be Spring on the calender yet but, too me, Winter ended and Spring began. We had a long tradition in my family to be the first to spot the first Spring robin. The contest was usually won by my dad.I enjoyed the excitement he and my brothers would have discussing the where and when of the first sighting. And it was the unofficial end of Winter in our family. Robin 2 (12 of 16)

Robins up here in my area of northeastern Pennsylvania begin to flock up in the swamps in mid September for their yearly migration south. I so miss waking up to the singing right before sunrise.  They usually begin to arrive  backhere in early March, and in mild years, even late February. They are late this year, but glad they are finally back. Looking forward to hearing them singing in the mornings again , and can’t wait until I can leave the windows open to enjoy waking up with their songs. I love the spring. Here is the link to some more photos I took of some robins I took on my afternoon walk. 2 (8 of 16)



Be like the bird, who halting in his flight on limb too slight,feels it give way beneath him, yet sings knowing he
         hath wings. Victor Hugo