Scandinavia 2015 Day Two. Lund, Sweden. Old World Charm At It's Finest.

Scandinavia 2015 Day Two. Lund, Sweden. Old World Charm At It's Finest.

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            <![CDATA[After spending some time exploring Malmo on Sunday ,  and getting some sleep, I decided to take the  early train to the historic city of Lund.  I had thought about renting a car and driving, but the efficient and modern train ride from the airport in Copenhagen to Malmo persuaded me to try the train again. <a href=""><img class=" size-medium wp-image-16788 alignright" src="" alt="Lund  sweden train ride  july 2&amp; 2015 (2 of 9)" width="300" height="200" /></a>


It was a rainy walk to the train station but I had no problem getting a ticket at the bustling Central Station in Malmo and talking the 20 minute ride to Lund. I was surprised at how  clean and well run the train stations were and enjoyed  observing the Swedish countryside on my ride. This is the link to some more photos from my train ride (or you can view them in my Scandinavia photograph gallery on my blog home page).  sweden train ride  july 2& 2015 (7 of 9)


I arrived in Lund and headed to the famous Cathedral or Domkryka. The light rain added to the medieval look of the city. The roads were cobblestone and lined with old, colorful houses, some surrounded by flowers.

Lund sweden town walks (16 of 40)


The original Cathedral was built around the year 1000 but Lund was already a religious center for the pre-Christian inhabitants and was a meeting place of the local Skane Assembly.  The Cathedral was an impressive  stone building dominating the old town and university.

Lund  sweden cathedral   july 27  2015 (30 of 40)

Built in the Romanesque style the inside is just as impressive as the outside. The church is dark which adds to it’s splendor and  feeling of antiquity. It has a few ancient features including a large organ and, what i loved the most an astronomical clock built in the 1400’s.  This is a link to a video of this wonderful clock. Sorry a portion of it is on it’s side.   I enjoyed exploring this ancient church. This is a link to some more photographs of the wonderful clock and the Cathedral. sweden Cathedral (4 of 9)

After exploring the ancient and eerie crypt of the Cathedral I walked through the cobblestone streets of Lund and came to the botanical gardens. I could have spent hours here but a light rain, and empty stomach , had me head into town for a cup of coffee and a snack. This is a link to some more photographs I took in the botanical gardens. sweden Botanical Gardens (3 of 11)

I found a nice place across  from the town square. I then continued my walk through the town, visiting the library where a professor doing research told me about the beautiful Lund University library and was kind enough to take me to it.  Walking  past the old ivy covered building of the famous University was like walking back in time.  This is a link to some more photos of the University. sweden Lund University (27 of 33)

It rained off and on for awhile but I continued to walk through the narrow and quaint  streets of Lund. I headed to the newer shopping district where there were plenty of upscale shops and many fine restaurants. Like in Malmo the town had many flowers and trees and the bicycle was a favorite mode of transportation.  It was getting late in the afternoon so I headed to the train station for my ride back to Malmo. I was sad leaving the ancient buildings, churches and gardens of this quaint historic town. i so hope I am fortunate to get to visit it again someday. This is a link to more photos from my walk through the streets of Lund. sweden town walks (25 of 40)

I loved that place as if it was a part of me, and perhaps, in some ways, it was.”
Neil Gaiman,]]>