Scandinavia Day Eight. Oslo Norway, A Lovely City On A Fjord. So Much To See In So Little Time.

Scandinavia Day Eight. Oslo Norway, A Lovely City On A Fjord. So Much To See In So Little Time.

Oslo Norway Vigeland  (22 of 80)
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After our long day on the bus I was up early in Oslo hoping to see some of residential parts of the city before my group’s tour of the city. Unfortunately the weather was co-operating as i watched a heavy storm move in form the south and bring with it some torrential rains. Oslo Norway morning walk (1 of 48)

The storm moved through after about a half hour and I could see clearing to the south so headed out for a quick hike through the city.  I walked past the Royal Palace and the ever present guards on duty and proceeded through residential areas to the docks  along the fjord. Oslo Norway morning walk (12 of 48)

I love walking the out of the way streets in large cities. You learn so much about it;s inhabitants. Oslo’s streets were clean and green with  more automobiles and less bicycles than in Copenhagen or Malmo. Oslo Norway morning walk (31 of 48)

The docks also were clean and I walked by a number of colorful murals as well as a very real looking plastic coconut tree. Almost fooled me and had me scratching my head and trying to figure how it was growing in this northern latitude.  here is a link to some more photos from my walk through the streets of Oslo Norway morning walk (29 of 48)

I walked along a marina and some upscale housing buildings before i had to head back to shower and grab some breakfast before joining the group for tour. The sun was shining when we took a bus ride over to the Viking Boat Museum. Oslo Norway Viking museum (22 of 29)

it was a nice visit, especially after seeing some other Viking ships at the museum in Roskilde Denmark.Oslo Norway Viking museum (6 of 29)


Unlike the ships there, which were recovered from the sea, these ships were buried with a Viking Queen along with many other possessions. I learned a lot about the Viking life style and culture at his museum.  Here is a link to some more photographs from our visit to the museum. Norway Vigeland (70 of 80)

We next drove some through the streets of Oslo and made our way to the famous Vigeland Sculpture park. At first seeing the naked statutes of men and women of all ages did nothing for me. But as we walked through the hundreds of sculptures, all made by one man during his life time, I became more and more impressed by not only the sculptures but the many messages about life he was conveying through his art work.  They showed man and women in all ages and moods of their life. This is a link to some of the many sculptures in the park.

It really was thought provoking. We only had aOslo Norway Vigeland (61 of 80)bout an hour in the park and this was far too little time to reflect on the many sculptures and the messages they conveyed on the fleetingness of life. The grounds themselves were planted in flowers and very beautiful. i am so glad i took so many photographs and found myself contemplating the meaning of them while preparing this blog. Please take a few moments and  reflect on them. They will have you thinking about the stages and conflicts in living one’s life. This is a link to some more of the many photographs I took at the park. Norway Vigeland (78 of 80)


Once again we saw too much in just our morning tour for one blog post so looks like there will be an Oslo Part Two tomorrow. I don’t mind since it lets be reflect and absorb the many sights i took in on our trip and I truly enjoy sharing them with all of you. Oslo Norway morning walk (26 of 48)

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  1. Marcy on August 18, 2015 at 8:31 pm

    It’s hard to believe all those sculptures were done by one person..what an imagination. You really outdid yourself capturing them on film.

    • on August 18, 2015 at 9:02 pm

      It was amazing and we didn’t get to see all of them. A remarkable man. Thanks I love to sahre.