Scandinavia Day Nine. On The Road Again, A Pleasant Drive To Stockholm.

Scandinavia Day Nine. On The Road Again, A Pleasant Drive To Stockholm.

Stockholm  sweden evening walk (17 of 74)
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There wasn’t any time to sleep in on this trip and I was up before the  early rising sun again to take a walk through the lovely streets of Oslo one last time.  Oslo Norway morning walk  2015 (1 of 20)

I walked to the harbor and enjoyed the beauty of the  waters of the North  Sea that stretched so far inland.  I enjoyed watching Oslo awaken  as I walked through the down town.  i walked back to my hotel, and after a quick shower and breakfast, was back on our bus for the long ride to Stockholm. Here, again, is a link to a few more photographs of my morning walk, Norway morning walk  2015 (13 of 20)

We soon left Norway and again drove through the rural and wooded Swedish countryside.

Once again, as required by local laws, we had to stop at a rest area after driving for two hours for a break. The first stop was at a McDonald’s. Yes, the do have fast food in Scandinavia. I don’t eat it here in the States so wasn’t going to eat it in Sweden but did have a coffee and got to take a look around the rest area. Oslo to Stockholm  rest areas  (26 of 31)

We drove for another two hours and this time stopped at a diner where I had a nice lunch. Again we got to explore the rest area and gift shops. it seems rest areas are so alike yet so different in each country I visit.  It seems that travelers always have a certain comradery  no matter which country I visit. I also like checking out the gas pumps and surrounding countryside.  Here is a link to some more photographs from our stops at the rest areas. to Stockholm  rest areas  (24 of 31)

After a few more hours drive, again through mainly rural and wooded countrysides, and a drive along the famous Lake Venern, we stopped for a visit to the historic lake side resort town of Mariefred. This quaint little town is also the home of the Gripsholm Slott or Castle.

Oslo to Stockholm  Mariefred (22 of 33)

While we didn’t get a chance to visit the castle we did get to explore the streets and allies of this crowded resort town.  So many sights, including the lake, an old church and shops and vegetable markets with abundant local produce. So much to see and the photographs in this link are worth a look. to Stockholm  Mariefred (27 of 33)

After another hour ride we made it into Stockholm. Here is a link to some more photographs from our drive from Oslo. to Stockholm  Mariefred (5 of 33)

Stockholm, the largest city in Scandinavia is know as the “city that floats on water” because it is situated on a number of island.  We didn’t get to our hotel until late in the day but after checking in we were out for a walk through the streets of Stockholm and made our way to the island on which the “old town’ or Gamla Stan is located. Stockholm  sweden evening walk (19 of 74)

On the way we walked past the stately City Hall and we came upon the beautiful old town sky line across the water as seen in the photograph above. We walked into the old town and through the narrow streets past medieval churches, buildings , shops and restaurants. Stockholm  sweden evening walk (15 of 74)

We found the Palace and the ever present Royal Guard alert at their post. We made it into the Stortoget or town square. This ancient square was the sight of the infamous Stockholm Bloodbath in 1520. Today the square is crowded with shoppers, tourists and folks enjoying a good meal. At the ancient fountain I encountered this little guy playing in the waters. His mother was kind enough to let me photograph him and he seemed  to enjoy posing for me. Stockholm  sweden evening walk (62 of 74)

We than had an enjoyable late dinner on square and walked  back under the late setting sun. A hot air balloon sailing in the sunset added the perfect touch to a wonderful night in Stockholm. It was another long,  but unforgettable, day in Scandinavia.  Here is a link to many more photographs which tell of the beauty of old time Stockholm far better than I can.  you really should take a look at them all.

Stockholm  sweden evening walk (71 of 74)

Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard