Scandinavia Day Ten. Stockholm, Sweden: "The City That Floats On Water"

Scandinavia Day Ten. Stockholm, Sweden: "The City That Floats On Water"

Stockholm Sweden morning walk  (26 of 39)
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            <![CDATA[I was up early on my first full  day in Stockholm, but not early enough to beat the early rising Nordic sun. It was already shinning when I headed out for a morn<img class="size-medium wp-image-20746 alignright" src="" alt="Stockholm Sweden morning walk  (10 of 39)" width="300" height="200" />ing walk.


I made my way down to the water, which isn’t hard in this city made up of fourteen islands. I walked along the waterfront  where many small boats were docked and made my way past  the City Hall building and along the water front to the bridge leading to Gamla Stan or “old town” where we had dinner the night before.  The brilliant sun made for some nice photos. Stockholm Sweden morning walk  (12 of 39)

I headed back past the opera house and made my way through the side streets to my hotel. I love seeing a city in the morning and here found garbage trucks, fisherman and many bicyclists, runners and pedestrians enjoying the morning sunshine.. This is a link to some more photographs from my morning walk. Sweden morning walk  (33 of 39)



After a shower and breakfast we boarded our bus for the short ride to the stately and famous Stockholm City Hall or Stadshus. This imposing brick building hosts the four other Nobel awards each December.

Stockholm Sweden morning walk  (21 of 39)

Our guide gave us an informative tour of the building including the magnificent Golden Hall decorated with mosaics depicting many scenes from Swedish culture and history and made from over a million tiles.


Stockholm Sweden Gold Room  (11 of 23)


Here is a link to some more photographs of some of these beautiful mosaics. Sweden Gold Room  (1 of 23)

When leaving the building I came upon an oak tree that was dedicated as a Children’s Meeting Place where children and decision makers meet and exchange ideas for a better future, What a wonderful idea. We left City Hall and boarded our bus for a tour of the city. Here are some more photographs from our visit to Stockholm City hall.  City hall (35 of 36)




We first crossed over to the “south” island taking in the local busy streets and made our way to an overlook where we had a magnificent view of the city and most of it’s islands. Stockholm Sweden bus and walking tours  (17 of 49)


We than drove into Gamla Stan or “old town” Stockholm where we went on a very informative walking tour of the medieval town. We again visited the Stortorget or town square and made our where through the narrow streets of the old town past houses, still in use, that dated from the fifteenth century. Stockholm Sweden bus and walking tours  (32 of 49)

We ended our tour on djurgarden island, once a hunting preserve for royalty and now home to an amusement park, many museums a castle and the famous Vasa warship museum. Many of our group stayed here but my sister and a few others, with the help of our morning tour guide, made our way to the ferry docks where we took a ferry to visit the famous Drottningholm palace a World Heritage site. Looks like we again saw so much that I will need a Stockholm part two. I am sorry for any mistakes that appear in my posts, i am basically doing them straight from my head with no time for editing. We saw so much and i want to get it down while it is fresh in my mind.  Here is some more photographs from our bus and walking tours of  Stockholm. Sweden boat ride to palace  (5 of 7)


Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.  Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.  ~Mark Twain]]>