September Afternoon Hikes With My Macro Lens

September Afternoon Hikes With My Macro Lens

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Fall arrived here in Northeastern Pennsylvania on Tuesday morning with  clears skies and an early morning frost. The sun is still strong and quickly warmed  the morning air. Temperatures were  in the 60’s by  noon., I took advantage of the pleasant weather and went on a a couple of late September afternoon walks this week near my home in the Green Ridge  section of Hazle Township in Luzerne County. 

Once again I decided to take my macro lens and explore  the insect world  now that Fall has arrived and the weather has gotten much cooler.  There are not many flowers blooming these time of year. The pretty white frost aster is now in bloom and 

the purple knapweed continues to bloom.

As does the goldenrod.. Although it causes some allergy issues in humans, it attracts  many of the  insects still active in the cooler Fall weather , especially the wasps and 

yellow jackets and hornets.

I observed a number of interesting insects on my walks, including these milkweed bugs, 

this, I believe a locust borer. 

And this pretty orange and white insect I haven’t been able to identify.

Most of the dragonflies and butterflies are gone now but I did see this pretty butterfly , I think it is a clouded sulphur butterfly  and 

and this dragonfly. 

Many of the leaves were changing into their brilliant fall colors including some of the oaks, 

maples and 

sweet ferns.

Some  of the bracken ferns were still green,

While others,  have already turned brown and withered. 

When I walked near some wetlands I saw some of this pretty wild orchids, nodding lady’s  tresses.

I also encountered quite a few grasshoppers on my walks.

 They seemed to be everywhere I stepped throughout my hikes. 

I was hoping to find some edible wild mushrooms on my hikes,.  Bu, the weather has been very dry and the only mushrooms I saw were a few puffballs.

  Even though there were less insects and flowers, and no mushrooms,  it was still nice to spend some time outdoors on a sunny September afternoon, Here is a link to  a gallery with some more photographs from my September afternoon walks. Macro Walks September 22,23 2020. 

To sighs of morning air, that froze / (With her lips opened for a say) / How curiously has smiled the rose / On a September fleeting day!     Afanasy Afanasyevich Fet



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