Seven Tubs Nature Area

Seven Tubs Nature Area

Seven tubs  (7 of 26)
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I had some business to take care of in the Wilkes Barre area today so I decided to visit a place I haven’t been since my college days, the Seven Tubs Nature Area.

Located a few miles outside of Wilkes Barre, the tubs were created by glaciers during the last ice age. When I last visited the area it was not a park and we hiked through the woods to get to the tubs.

There are now  a number of trails along the two streams in this area, Deep Hollow and  Laurel Run.  I wasn’t venturing into the tubs, in fact, I don’t think it is allowed anymore, but there where a lot of folks on the trail and sitting by the streams soaking there feet in the cool waters. Seven tubs  (6 of 26)

I hiked down to a bridge over one of the streams with a nice view of one of the waterfalls. Seven tubs  (25 of 26)


I then hiked up to where the stream flows from underneath a railroad track. The recent rains filled the streams and also resulted in many species of mushrooms to sprout along the trails. The photo below is an old man of the woods bolete. Seven tubs  (15 of 26)


I stopped a few times along the trails and streams to take in the relaxing sounds of the flowing water. This is a link to a video of one of the waterfalls.

I hiked up the blue marked trial into some higher pine  woodlands. I wish I had more time to explore but had to head home.Seven tubs  (16 of 26)


It was a nice hike and glad I returned to this beautiful natural area, one of the many we have here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. For you folks living here get out there and explore their beauty, we are blessed to have them.Seven tubs  (24 of 26)


This is a link to some more photographs I took on my hike today tubs  (21 of 26)


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