Snow And A Snow Moon In The Mountain View Cemetery

Snow And A Snow Moon In The Mountain View Cemetery

Mountain View Cemetery moon -5
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Well,  Winter returned to Northeastern Pennsylvania today.  It has been a mild, and pretty much snow free, Winter so far this year  but about four to six inches of snow fell today.  And, after the snow ended, a strong northwesterly wind brought in some clearing, and  frigid  temperatures.   Mountain View Cemetery -1

I am not a big fan of snow anymore. I don’t like walking in it. However, the brilliant sunshine that we had this afternoon, and the new snowfall, persuaded me to take my camera on my walk after work and I headed to the nearby Mountain View Cemetery. Mountain View Cemetery -4

I have been visiting this cemetery for many years. My mom would take my siblings and I  for walks here for as long as I can remember, during the Summer months. It has  many different species of trees and is beautiful in all seasons, including the Winter, especially after a newly fallen snow. Mountain View Cemetery -15

I walk here everyday now,  to visit my dad, since he was buried here over three years ago.  Mountain View Cemetery -20

It is a peaceful place and I often sit here on this bench and reflect on my many wonderful memories of dad. It was windy and 20 degrees this afternoon so I wasn’t going to sit in the cold but just said hello. Mountain View Cemetery -19

I walked through  the cemetery  , having become familiar with many of the tomb stones, trees and mausoleum, and enjoyed them now that they were covered in the fresh, powdery snow. Mountain View Cemetery -28

I left the cemetery to visit my mom, who lives a few blocks away. After my visit I returned to my home and found I found i had a few visitors at the deer block I put out. Mountain View Cemetery moon -1

I watched the deer for  a while and decided to walk back to the cemetery and watch the almost full snow moon rising in the east. Mountain View Cemetery moon -16

It was cold and windy, the temperatures dropped into the mid teens, but I enjoyed watching the moon peek in and out of the clouds in the cold, but peaceful twilight in the cemetery. Mountain View Cemetery moon -6

I also observed my favorite planet, Venus, shining brilliantly in the western sky. Mountain View Cemetery moon -13

I would have stayed out here , despite the cold and wind, but my observations of the moon, planets and stars was ended by an increasing cloud cover. I have to say, I really didn’t mind the return of winter today, but I am glad the forecast ic calling for the return of milder weather this weekend. And I  am still looking forward to Spring which is only 39 days away., not that I am counting,  Here is a link to some more photographs from my walks this afternoon and evening. View Cemetery moon -14

The wastes of snow on the hill were ghostly in the . The stars were piercingly bright.” 

Maud Hart Lovelace


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  1. Lisa Morris on February 13, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    Love the peaceful twilight photos Frank!