Some Photos Of Recent Critters That Visited My Backyard.

Some Photos Of Recent Critters That Visited My Backyard.

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Readers of my blog and social media posts will know I am blessed to own some property that provides a home for a variety of critters that frequently visit my back yard here in Hazle Township in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  In  Summer the visits continue but they critters are a little different. These are some that visited these past two weeks. 

The many birds that migrate through my area in Spring are gone but some remained behind and continue to visit my feeders such as the colorful goldfinches and,

house finches. 

I was happy to see the indigo bunting remain in the area. I love seeing these beautiful birds at the feeders. Hopefully it has a nest nearby. 

There are a few species of sparrows that visit the feeders. They are probably the most numerous birds in my backyard. 

A few black-capped chickadees also continue to visit. 

I have a few cardinals living in my area. The wake me up every morning. I love their song. They don’t visit my feeders often but I’m always glad to see them. This is the male,

and this the female.

The woodpeckers,

and blue jays continue to feed on the suet and I am constantly replacing it. The starlings seem to have found another food supply and I say good riddance. 

And there are always a few mourning doves feeding on the seed that falls from the feeders.

Of course my turkey are still here.

A few jakes, young males,  have made themselves at home in my backyard. 

They lounge around all day and wait for me to put the corn out for the deer. 

In the deeper woods behind my house I occasionally  see a eastern towhee, a brown creeper and a Carolina wren. These birds don’t feed at the feeders. But it is nice to see, and hear, them. 

In addition to the birds, my  mammal friends continue to visit, including the cotton tails rabbits, who usually visit in the morning or evening twilight.  

The groundhog that lives under my shed could show up anytime during the day and is very shy. It runs for cover as soon as it sees me. 

Not so the squirrels, they are always looking for food and trying to get at my bird feeders. It is amazing how far they can jump to try and land on them. 

The many chipmunks are always scampering around. I didn’t realize how much corn the steal. Look as this fellow. His cheeks are stuffed with corn. They store it for leaner and colder days but there is no way this little fellow will ever eat all the corn he stole. 

I haven’t seen the flying squirrels, raccoons, opossums or foxes in a  while. It may be because of a feral cat in the neighborhood. I haven’t seen my deer in a while either. However, I saw them the other night and have the explanation.

Two young fawns were with the  group of does. I am sure mommy deer was busy keeping them hidden for a few weeks. 

Well the mommy bear wasn’t back with her cubs but this youngster showed up a few days ago.

I believe it was pushed away by his mom this year and it is the first time it was fending for itself. He sure tried to get at my  bird feeders. It sure looked determined. 

It gave up after a while, allowing me to  take some pictures before it ran off into the woods. There has been a lot of land development in my area. Much of the woods I played in as a child are gone. However, I am lucky to still own some of it and to preserve it as a home to my critters. Here is a link to a gallery with some more photographs of the critters that visit my  backyard.  Backyard June 28 to July 10 2020

If you can reach out and touch and love and be with wildlife, you will forever be changed, and you will want to make the world a better place. Terri Irwin 



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