Sorry No Photos.

Sorry No Photos.

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Well we have internet tonight  but it is almost useless for uploading photos. I’ve been trying to upload a photo of some cashews flowers for an hour now and I give up. I’ll have to update you without ant photos, and I took so many beautiful ones today.

Feeling much better now and had a nice dinner at the Lodge.  Was hoping to get some photos up but that isn’t going to happen while I’m in Belize. It was a hot day today but I still got out for four hikes, two with my regular lens, once with the zoom and once with the macro. And so much to photograph. The coolest were the termites. I ripped a part of there nest off and it was amazing how quickly they repaired it. Got some cools photos with the macro lens. Also saw a lot of humming birds who are attracted to the early cashew flowers that just started to bloom. Walked along the lake and lot of birds and lizards. Ran into free roaming cows and horses.  Walked the streets of Crooked Tree on the way back and nice seeing the school kids playing games, old folks relaxing and even a local church group practicing their singing. Life is pretty much the same everywhere.

I was hoping to share some of the photos. Even went to the lobby to see if the internet was faster. It wasn’t. But there are some pretty big funky frogs hopping around out there on my way back. ,  And Venus is brillant in the west.   Well it was hot mid to upper 80’s so took a lot out of me.  And losing all those fluids didn’t help. So I.m off for an early sleep. Good night folks, stay warm up north,

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  1. Charles Karchner on February 17, 2015 at 9:48 pm

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