Spring Arrives With Many Colors At The PPL Wetlands.

Spring Arrives With Many Colors At The PPL Wetlands.

New green leaves on trees near pond
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After finding very few birds or signs of Spring at our local Community  Park on Friday, I decided to see what was happening at the PPL Wetlands on Saturday morning. Located along the Susquehanna River, the Wetlands are about 1000 feet lower in elevation. And what a difference that elevation makes. trees budding along pond

The Spring was much further advanced at wetlands than at my home on the Green Ridge in Hazle Township. Many of the trees were already  wearing their green coats of Spring. trees in bud along trail

And the spring plants and flowers were appearing everywhere on  the trails, including both blueblue violet like flowers

and yellow violet like flowers. yellow violet like flowers Mandrakes or may apples, mandrake bud on trail

jack in the pulpits, and many other wild flowers and plants appeared along the trails.jack in the pulpit

The lowly skunk cabbages had created a green carpet in many areas of the wetlands. skunk cabbage in wetlands

The the blueberries, both high and low bush were beginning to flower. blueberries flowers

Even some of the not so friendly to human  plants,  such as  poison ivy, looked beautiful in with their new spring leaves. I saw this catbird still enjoying last years left over berries. catbird feeding on poison ivy berries

At first I didn’t notice much wildlife activity. A few turtles were already out on the looks and rocks on the ponds and canals. They were enjoying the early May sun even though it was obscured by a mostly cloudy sky. turtle on log

I also saw a muskrat in the waters, who quickly submerged when he saw me. As I approached the river lands section of the preserve I began  to hear, and see some of the colorful birds of spring, including,  this yellow warbler, yellow warbler in tree

an American redstartAmerican redstart on branch

and a number of noisy red winged blackbirds. red winged blackbird in flight

I also saw this green heron perched in a tree,green heron in tree

as this great blue heron flew overhead. great blue heron in flight

There were a number of fishermen and other folks enjoying the blue waters of Lake Took-A-While. trees surrounding lake

I didn’t see any of the more exotic birds on the lake, like eagles and ospreys but I did enjoy watching this family of  geese   swimming on  the lake.geese and goslings on lake

Proud mom and dad were teaching the goslings how to  swim. three goslings swimming on lake

I could have stayed out here all day, but the mundane chores of life required me to head back to my car. On the way I saw some more of nature’s colorful wild critters enjoying this fine spring day, including this red squirrel feeding on one of last years black walnutsred squirrel eating black walnut

as was this northern flicker who had pierced another black walnut  with it’s bill. flicker with black walnut on bill

Adding to my list of  birds with colorful names was this bluebird.  bluebird on perch

Of course, there were plenty of robins  and their brilliant red breasts  in the wetlands. I saw a lot of other birds on my hike and some more photographs can be found in this link to my photo galleries. PPL Wetlands birds May 5 2018robin perched on tree

I made my way back in  the early May sunshine enjoying the many shades of green nature was unfolding for our enjoyment.  I plan to try and enjoy as much of it as I can these next few weeks. And, of course, to share my walks with my friends here on my blog. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike. PPL Wetlands hike May  5 2018. 


Colors are the smiles of nature.” Leigh Hunt