Summer Heat, Insects, Wildflowers And A Few Birds At Community Park

Summer Heat, Insects, Wildflowers And A Few Birds At Community Park

Community Park hummingbird moth (11 of 19)
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Summer is at it’s peak here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. And we experienced  a Summer heat wave this past week with temperatures reaching 90 degrees. I  was able to get out to the Community  Park, located a short distance from my home in Hazle Township Luzerne County,  for a 3 mile  walk on most weekday afternoons. 

I enjoy walking around scenic Lake Irena looking for  birds , bugs, bears, flowers  or anything else of interest. 

I usually take a walk around the lake, I think it is about 3/4 of a mile, 

then  I follow a trail into the woodlands around the lake. This past week I did not see a lot of bird activity on my walks. I would take my walks in late afternoon, during the hottest  time of the day and there is not a lot of wildlife activity. However, I did see a few birds on my walks along the lake including  this field sparrow, 

and this chipping sparrow. 

There were ducks or Canada geese on the lake for weeks  now. In the surrounding woods I saw a few more birds on my hikes including a few black-capped chickadees, 

a tufted titmouse and, 

this pretty red-eyed vireo. 

Although there weren’t a  lot of birds active in the Summer heat, it didn’t bother the insects. Bees, butterflies, dragonflies and many other insects were everywhere around the lake and in the surrounding woodlands.  Many were attracted to the pickerelweed that was still blooming along the shore of the lake. 

Others were attracted to the many wildflowers now in bloom on the trails around the lake and in the woodlands. In addition to the purple pickerelweed  the pink steeplebush flowers were blooming along the lake shores. 

yellow St John’s Worth

pink Deptford or grass pinks,

and  blue common selfheal.  The wildflowers produced so many beautiful colors despite the summer heat. 

And when there are wildflowers blooming there are insects.  The summer heat does not discourage the insect activity in our wetlands and woodlands. In fact, it encourages it. This is their season. 

One of my favorite Summer insects is the dragonfly. They were hovering, darting and flying above the pickerelweed flowers growing on the shores of the lake. The relatives of these ancient insects flew over the swamps of Pennsylvania before the dinosaurs. There are so many different species in our area and I have a hard time identifying them.  Many look alike. I believe this is a widow slimmer, 

and this a common white-tailed skimmer. Take a close look and you will see the difference. 

I believe this is a slaty skimmer dragonfly, 

these two slaty skimmers were in love and  working on the next generation of their species.

This I believe is an  eastern amberwing 

and this one I am not sure of. 

In addition to the many dragonflies  along  the shore there were many bees, wasps and butterflies that were attracted to the pickerelweed and other flowers along the lake. 

One of my favorite was the beautiful clear wing hummingbird moth. I usually see a few of this moths darting, like dragonflies,

as they feed on the nectar of the pickerelweed flowers.

They are beautiful insects.

and I watched it for a few minutes, taking many photos. Here is a link to a gallery on my blog website with more photos of the clearwing hummingbird moth. Community Park humming bird moth July 19 2022.

There were other insects active in the surrounding woodland. They included this I believe meadow fritillary butterfly, 

this I believe, a spice bush swallowtail butterfly ,  

And this beautiful butterfly which I haven’t been able to identify. 

I also observed a few not so pretty insects, including this wasp, 

this appears to be some sort of a horsefly 

 and this huge beetle. 

Although the insects now dominate the woodlands I did see one mammal this gray squirrel on my  hikes in and around  Community  Park.  Here is a link to  a gallery  with some more photos of the insects and critters I saw on my hike. Community Park critters July 18 to July 28 2022. 

The Summer has advanced so quickly, the high bush blue berries are now ripe, 

and some of the ferns in the woodlands were already turning brown. Summer is at it’s peak.

I enjoy my walks in the park, on Sunny days, when the waters of  Lake Irena reflect the clear blue skies and 

even on cloudy days. It is a great place to enjoy nature and observe wildlife whether it be a large bald eagle or a tiny and delicate dragonfly I love seeing, and sharing, all of the beauty of Nature.  And I love insects and Summer! Here is a link to a gallery with some more photos from my  hikes in the park. Community Park July 18 to July 28 2022. 

If we were to wipe out insects alone on this planet, the rest of life and humanity with it would mostly disappear from the land. Within a few months.E. O. Wilson

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