Summertime At The PPL Wetlands

Summertime At The PPL Wetlands

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We sure had a lot of wind and rain here in Northeastern Pennsylvania yesterday, along with some very cool temperatures. Felt more like Fall than Summer. I decided to see what was happening down at the PPL Wetlands this morning.PPL Wetlands (6 of 31)

It looked like it was going to clear up when I left so thought I might be able to get some photographs of the many water and song birds that live in the wetlands. It didn’t, and we  actually had a few light showers. So, although I saw quite a few birds,  including warblers, red winged black birds, robins, catbirds and sparrows, I wasn’t able to get a lot of good photographs. I was able to capture this tree swallow. PPL Wetlands swallow (1 of 1)

There were almost no insects or dragonflies flying around.  And not a single mosquito. I wasn’t complaining about that.

Did find many signs that Summer is moving along. The raspberries are ripe, the wild grapes, blackberries, elderberries  are setting fruit.PPL Wetlands (2 of 31)


And found this delicate wild lily, I believe it is a Canada lily, blooming in the wetlands. PPL Wetlands (24 of 31)


And did see a red squirrel and a lot of chipmunks including this one. PPL Wetlands chipmunk 057  (1 of 1)


And all the rain we have had in our area had resulted in the growth of many of species of mushrooms. This is unusually early for many species but being an avid mushroom hunter I am happy. Many of the mushrooms I found today where already destroyed by the heavy rains but there were a lot of new ones popping up and there should be a lot more over the next few days. PPL Wetlands (15 of 31)


I didn’t see anything exciting but sometimes the little stuff is just as wonderful. It was a nice Summer morning in the wetlands. PPL Wetlands (8 of 31)

Here is a link to some more photographs I took on my hike today.


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