Sunset And A Fire, A Great Way to End A Spring Day.

Sunset And A Fire, A Great Way to End A Spring Day.

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The temperature may have been below normal today , but the abundant sunshine sure felt good. No doubt Spring is here.sunset and fire  (1 of 29)

Decided to hike out  and watch the sunset from the rocks behind my house. Been watching sunsets out here since we first discovered  the “View”, as we named it, when i was  in around second grade. So peaceful out here.

It sure  a welcome sight to see the sun setting in the northern sky again. A  sure sign of Spring. As the sun set, flock after flock of geese flew overhead, under the near quarter moon. A beautiful night, although still very cold for this time of year. Built a fire to warm it up. There is nothing like a camp fire in the woods on a clear night.  The flames dancing in the dark, the smell of smoke and the welcome warmth. Built many a fire out there and brought back many happy memories. A great way to end a Spring day. Took some photos of the sunset and fire and here is the link to the album. and fire  (22 of 29)


To poke a wood fire is more solid enjoyment than almost anything else in the world.  ~Charles Dudley Warner