Sunshine In May Meant No Chores Today, A Beautiful Day For A HIke .

Sunshine In May Meant No Chores Today, A Beautiful Day For A HIke .

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Spring is really making itself known here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  The trees and flowers are in bloom, birds are nesting and everything is so alive. I had a lot of chores to do after work, including putting out my lawn furniture and cleaning my garage but not on a day like today. I grabbed both my macro and zoom lenses and went for a hike.

So much to see everywhere you look this time of year. Even before I got to the woods I had to photograph the beautiful bleeding heart flowers in my mom’s yard. They are so delicate and pretty up close. I uploaded  some more photos to my Flickr page. This is the link. (34 of 47)

I also walked by cherry, apple and pear trees and their delicate blossoms. Again, so pretty up close. And the fragrance is heavenly. It is no wonder they made so many songs about apple blossom time.  One of the nicest times of the year and we are in the middle of it.

Headed into the woods and down near some ponds and wetlands. Passed the stand japanese knotweed that was just poking out of the ground two weeks ago and is now over a foot tall. Everything is growing at such a rapid pace. It is nice to once again walk under the shade of trees with leaves. Even the oaks have tiny, green leaves. macro (11 of 47)

At the wetlands heard a number of frogs jump in the water ahead of my but did manage to photograph one of them. And the ducks and geese where still in the area and took off as I approached. saw a lot of different birds, but managed to only get photographs of a few including a catbird and I think an American bittern . So much so see this time of year, both up close, form a distance and just about everywhere.frog (1 of 1)

I am so glad I went for the hike but now i will have my chores to do on the weekend, maybe. Here is the link to some more of the photos I took on my hike today.

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“Spring – an experience in immortality.”
–  Henry D. Thoreau