Tanzania Day Five: Sea Turtles, Monkeys And Marlins On Zanzibar Island

Tanzania Day Five: Sea Turtles, Monkeys And Marlins On Zanzibar Island

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After my morning walk on my fifth day in Zanzibar, I had  a quick breakfast at my resort, and was off on another tour arranged by  Cholo Tours and Safaris. I was scheduled to take the Safari Blue tour.  This tour  included swimming on a beautiful beach, snorkeling and viewing marine life. However, it was located on the other side of the island. I did not feel like driving through the traffic.again.  It would have been almost a two hour drive one way.  So  I arranged, with Chlolo , a tour  on the north side of the island near my resort.

 I was picked up by my driver around 8:00 and we drove the same road I walked earlier  to the fishing village of Nungwi . My driver was pleasant and provided so many details about life on the island as we drove to the village. 

We entered   the village and arrived at the Zanzibar Nungwi Zoo.  I am not a big  fan of zoos. I feel animals should live free. However, some serve a purpose, such as  aiding  injured animals  or protecting endangered ones. So  I sometimes visit them on my travels.

The zoo in Nungwi  was small but the guides had a genuine concern for the few animals that were kept there. They were mainly monkeys. I was greeted by this blue monkey as soon as I entered the zoo. He followed me throughout my visit.  He was a favorite of the guides and was allowed to roam free in the zoo.

I was   allowed to enter a cage with vervet monkeys where I was able to feed  these friendly critters. I made a few new friends inside the cage. 

My guide then  took me to the  enclosures of a  few other animals in the small zoo including turtle, crocodiles and a  chameleon, which I was able to hold. 

I enjoyed the presentation of the zoo guides and learned a lot about the animals and the Island of Zanzibar. Here is a link to some more photographs from my visit to the zoo. Tanzania Day Five. Nyngwi zoo. October 2 2019.

After my visit to the zoo we drove a short distance to the Mnarani sea turtle Aquarium.  Having just visited the leatherback sea turtles in Trinidad and Tobago in April I was excited to learn about the turtles that were native to this part of our planet. 

Our informative guide  explained the mission of the aquarium and provided information on the hawksbill, green and loggerhead turtles that are found in the waters of the Indian Ocean near Zanzibar.

I was able to feed the turtles that were kept in the ponds.

The preserve rescues young turtles that hatch on the beaches of Zanzibar.

There is also an environmental education area where I learned more about the sea turtles and the effects the destruction of their environment is having on their survival. 

The guide was most informative and we discussed the consequences of global warming on all of the wildlife of our small fragile planet. 

My visit to the aquarium was one of my highlights of my visit to Zanzibar.Here is a link to some more photographs from my visit to the sea turtle aquarium. Mnarani Aquarium October 2 2019. 

My guide then drove me to the fish market  in the village. 

We were fortunate to watch a lucky local fisherman and a huge marlin fish he caught in the local waters. Here is a link to a video of him and half the village hauling it in to a truck at the market. https://youtu.be/ykbIwCwNBwk

We next walked along the beach and I was able to watch the local craftsman building the traditional  fishing boats that are still used on the island. 

It was remarkable to see skilled craftsman make this boats like their ancestors before them for  hundreds of years. 

After exploring the beautiful beach on the shores of the Indian Ocean we left the village and drove to an even more scenic  beach.

Located only about a mile from my hotel is gorgeous   Kendwa Beach and its famous white sands. It wasn’t easy driving to the beach. Once we left the main highway from the village the road was  narrow and rutted and in many places only wide enough for one vehicle. 

 And there was a lot of  motor vehicle traffic.After driving on the rutted dirt road for about a mile I saw the reason for the traffic. There  was a new large hotel  and many recently constructed shops and restaurants.

We parked and I walked a short distance  when I saw the pristine white sands of Kendwa Beach. It still remains mainly undeveloped but one can see, with all of the new construction, that it will soon look like most of the other beaches on our planet. Sad. I know the island folks need the tourist revenue but I wish they could leave some of the beaches unspoiled. 

I roamed the beach , but not for long, it was past noon and the intense tropical sun was making it quite hot. I returned to my vehicle and arrived back at my hotel in time for a late lunch. I wish I could have seen the Safari Blue tour, but I think I enjoyed my morning on the north shore of the island even more. Here is a link to some more photographs from the village and Kenwa  Zanzibar fishing village afternoon visit. October 2 2019. 

After lunch I took a rest for a few hours and worked on editing the many photographs I took. Around five p.m. I roamed the grounds of the resort one last time enjoying the beautiful flowers,


and even strange insects. 

I watched my last sunset from this tropical paradise,

before enjoying my last delicious meal. I had an early flight and a long drive to the airport so I retired early looking forward to the next part of my adventure. Here is a link of some photographs from my afternoon hike and the sunset. Zanzibar Day Five afternoon hike and sunset October 2 1019.


… everyone knew that all islands were worlds unto themselves, that to come to an island was to come to another world.”
― Guy Gavriel Kay

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