Tanzania Day Seven: The Safari Begins With A Drive To Tarangire National Park

Tanzania Day Seven: The Safari Begins With A Drive To Tarangire National Park

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After diner on Thursday evening our small group  met  in the hotel lobby and discussed our upcoming  safari with our guides from the Seven by Far Safari.  I was excited to visit the parks of northern Tanzania again.

I slept well and awoke early the next day.  After  a wholesome breakfast  our group embarked  on our 100 mile three-hour drive to Tarangire National Park. 

It was exciting to climb into our safari vehicles and begin our adventure through the busy morning traffic of Arusha. 

We drove past the crowds of local residents,  walking to work , the market or school. 

So many sights to see in the morning traffic congestion.

We soon stopped to purchase some supplies at a local supermarket. 

I enjoy exploring the produce and products sold in foreign markets. 

We were soon on the road again, leaving the crowds and traffic of busy Arusha. 

The open road provided some spectacular scenery and allowed my fellow passengers to get to know each other as we drove through the rural  countryside. 

We observed  many  native Maasai tribesman tending their herds of cattle along the highway,

and sometimes crossing the highway.

 We soon saw the mountains of the Great Rift Valley in the distance. 

As we neared the Tarangire National Park we left the main highway and drove a few small villages on dusty roads.

Finally it felt like we were on a real  safari. 

I once again saw one of my favorite trees on the planet, the easy to recognize baobab tree. It seems like yesterday I first learned about these ‘upside down’ trees in my third grade geography class and dreamed of seeing one in Africa. This would be the third time I have seen these magnificent trees in Africa. 

We traveled on the dusty road for about 15 minutes when we arrived at the entrance to the Tarangire National Park.  

We stretched our legs for a bit while out guides  checked into the park. We were all anxious for our drive into the park. This is a link to some more photographs from my drive to Tarangire National Park  Tanzania Day Six: October 4 2019.

The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to.” Richard Mullin

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