Tanzania Day Six. Airport Issues But I Made It To Kilimanjaro

Tanzania Day Six. Airport Issues But I Made It To Kilimanjaro

Flight to Arusha (20 of 21)
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It was raining again when I awoke on my last day on the spice island of  Zanzibar. I was up early. My  group for my safari in the Serengeti was meeting in the city Arusha, Tanzania that evening and my flight left Zanzibar for Kilimanjaro at 10 am.  Depending on traffic, it  was almost a two-hour drive to the small airport so I checked out of my resort  around 7 am. The warm tropical rain downpour required me to take a golf cart  ride to the front desk where I met my driver and guide Mudi. He had driven me to Stonetown  earlier in my stay. 

The heavy rains continued for about a half hour into our drive. 

There wasn’t much traffic on the road and we made god time even in the rain. The skies cleared and I watched the passing scenery and chatted with Mudi about life on the island while we drove. 

We arrived at the small airport before 9 am and I said my farewells to the tour operator Chole and my driver Mudi. They were my friends now. 

I entered the small airport, approached the check in and was advised there was no record of my ticket. Never a good situation in an airport, especially a foreign one. 

There was a mistake with the tour company and I spent a frantic hour in the airline ticket office trying to get on my flight.

Thanks to the efforts of the airline employees I managed to get a ticket and make my scheduled flight to the Kilimanjaro Airport. 

I enjoyed my window seat and  watched as we left the beautiful island of Zanzibar and flew to the mainland and Tanzania. 

As we approached the airport I even got to see  a brief glimpse of  famous Mount Kilimanjaro surrounded by clouds. I remember reading about this famous peak, covered in snow on the equator, when I was in grade school. I had flown into this airport before  before but my flight arrived at night. 

It was a short flight, about 40 minutes, and I was soon on the ground at the airport  looking forward to meeting my group and begining my safari early the next morning. Here is a link to some more photographs from my travel to Kilimanjaro Airport. Tanzania Day Six Travel to Airport. October 3 2019. 


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