The Belize Zoo, a zoo even animal lovers can love.

The Belize Zoo, a zoo even animal lovers can love.

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After going on safari in Africa last year, I swore I  would never visit another zoo. Seeing how content and at home elephants, lions zebras and all the animals were in their natural environment, it seemed cruel and wrong to cage them up for our entertainment.

I had no intention of visiting the zoo here in Belize, even though thre travel guides encouraged it, saying it was ‘one of the best” in the worlds.  However, due to my encounter with “Montezuma’s revenge” I had to rearrange my plans and had some free time. A lot of folks, including the local guides,  encouraged me to try the zoo. So I did. What a fortunate decision. What a remarkable place. None of the animals are taken from the wild. They are either injured, orphaned, rescued as illegal pets, or gifts from other zoos breeding programs.  They are all native to Belize and live in large areas similar to there native habitats. And the witty sayings describing the animals and why it is necessary to protect them and preserve their environment were delightful to read. no time to upload the pics now, except for the jaguar below. how beautiful is this creature.  I  will share the rest of photos, and have a whole lot more to say,  when I get home.  It is a shame so many of the species i saw today are in jeopardy of becoming extinct. It really is like something from the Lorax. But the folks at his zoo are doing a wonderful job telling us we must preserve the natural resources, both flora and fauna, of out very wonderful planet.

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“Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal.”
Edward O. Wilson

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