The Lehigh Gorge From Above: On The Broad Mountain

The Lehigh Gorge From Above: On The Broad Mountain

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Another beautiful day in Northeastern Pennsylvania. And I wasn’t going to stay indoors. I decided to hike the Broad Mountain to the spectacular view, above,  of the Lehigh River Gorge. Broad Mountain (41 of 44)

It’s about a 3 3/4 mile hike to the view on a good trail through State Game lands.   The  trail was improved with stone, although the stone they placed on the trail made it a bit more difficult to hike. And the stone replaced the grass which did  harbor quite a few ticks.  Pulled many off my legs last year but not one today.

As I began my walk today I immediately saw that the northern side of the path had a recent  fire.  An  interesting contrast  between the charred black  remains of the fire on one side of the trail and the light greens of the new leaves on other.Broad Mountain dragon fly (42 of 44)

The trail slopes down to a fast moving  stream called Jeans Run. I have spent many hours walking down this stream and enjoying the noisy running waters. No time today so hike up the mountain. Spooked a few deer and a lot of chipmunks. Heard crows, robins, bluejays and other song birds but only saw a few towhees rustling in the brush.

I also heard a sound that was disturbing and which I know all to well. The munching sound of the gypsy moth. This pest has ruined countless acres of forest here in our area. I first remember that munching sound picking blueberries as a child. It has been a dry Spring and this is not good for the oaks and other trees. The gypsy moths do not do well in cool wet weather. We had cool and wet springs the past few years and it kept the moths numbers down. Not this yearBroad Mountain butterlies (1 of 44), unfortunately I think there will be a lot of damage done by these  voracious caterpillars.


The trail continues under pines, oaks and maples and heads down to James run, the stream that creates the famous Glen Onoko falls. Lot of history and legends associated with these beautiful falls but that will be for another day.It has native trout and i saw a few dart underneath the bridge as I crossed over.

I reached the trail to the overlook and hiked up to the rocks jutting along the gorge and creating the view. There is a campsite there and often think of the good time the folks who camped there must have had.

The view of the river and gorge is spectacular. Love to just site and take it in. Many time I have meet groups of college kids who hike up along the Glen Onoko falls. Today I shared it with a lone trail bike rider who soon left to allow me to take in the view. Love thinking how much more peaceful it was before we built the railroads and cities that can be seen in the distant. Spent some time just taking in the beauty of this special place and then took a nice slow hike back. What a great way to spend a day in May.

Here is a link to some more photographs of my hike today.

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Time is a flowing river. Happy those who allow themselves to be carried, Broad Mountain (13 of 44)unresisting, with the current. They float through easy days. They live, unquestioning, in the moment.  Christopher Darlington Morley