The Magic Of Rain.

The Magic Of Rain.

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I has been very dry here in Northeastern Pennsylvania this past few weeks, so i was very happy t see a line of thunderstorms move into our area this afternoon. Well, actually, I’m always glad to see a good thunderstorm. Raindrops (20 of 36)

We got over an inch of rain. I decided to take a walk with my macro lens after work and what a wonderful world I found. You really don’t appreciate the beauty of some things until you see them up close.

I found the way water, so necessary to our existence on this planet, formed perfect spheres on flowers, plants and leave to be truly amazing. I never expected to found so much wonder and  beauty appearing from a little rain. But it sure was there, everywhere. I wish hoping the sun would have reappeared, it would, I’m sure, have created even better photographs, but I was happy taking these. Raindrops (5 of 36)

And even got a few photographs of this ant up close. They, too, have a beauty, just by their complexity. I think I will try and find some more ants and insects tomorrow.There is so much to discover in nature, even in our own back yards, if only we open our eyes and look. Here is a link to some more photos I took on my walk today. ant (1 of 1)Raindrops (21 of 36)


Your diamonds are not in far, distant mountains or in yonder seas; they are in your own backyard, if you will dig for them.~Russell H. Conwell~