The PPL Wetlands, Finally Waking Up After A Long Winter Nap.

The PPL Wetlands, Finally Waking Up After A Long Winter Nap.

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What a beautiful day here in Northeastern PA.  Sunshine and temperatures in the 60’s. Spring has finally arrived. And it sure seems to have put everyone in a good mood. I saw folks walking with smiling faces everywhere I went today. The only good think about a long, cold Winter is how wonderful the Spring feels when it finally gets here.PPL wetlands (1 of 2)

The animals are enjoying it too. I hiked in the PPL Wetlands again today and what a difference a week made. Turtles soaked up the sunshine on the logs, rocks and  banks of the canals and ponds. They were everywhere. And the frogs were even louder this week. (click the red high lighted  word frog to  hear  them). I even saw a dragonfly!

The ducks and geese are pairing up and establishing territories to build there nest. This  pair of geesekingfisher (1 of 1) were honking up a storm protecting their nesting areas. Only saw a few new species of birds, a flicker, and a few warblers I couldn’t identify or photographs. Did see some cormorants, a kingfisher, a red tailed hawk, red winged blackbirds, robins and a downy woodpecker. And also saw a  cute, but uncommon red  squirrel. Yep, there sure was a lot more activity than last week. Seems the animals like the sun and warmth as much as we do. 

As far as the plant life still not much happening here.  The duckweed is growing, as is the skunk cabbages and there are some buds on the red maples but still no leaves or flowers down here, maybe next week. It is so much more pleasant, and exciting ,  walking down here in the warm months. I guess I will always but a warm weather person. Here is the link to some more photos I took at the wetlands today, including some more of the critters.  red squirrel (1 of 1)



“The earth has music for those who listen.”
George Santayana