The Spring Show Begins.

The Spring Show Begins.

macro  April 22  2016-3
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We finally got some  continuous warmer weather here in Northeastern Pennsylvania  and the earth is responding with a new growth of flowers and plants everyday now. macro April 22 2016-20

We had some warm weather in march but a prolonged cold snap, with near record breaking temperatures in the mid teens, set us back and damaged some of the earlier blooming trees and flowers, such as the forsythia and magnolia.They are blooming now but many of the buds were lost. macro April 22 2016-26

I took my macro lens on a short walk through my neighborhood and captured some of the new growth that is occurring. Some of thre trees, such as the aspen, have already put out their first tiny, shiny new leaves.macro April 22 2016-6

Others, such as the maple are just setting out their first buds. macro April 22 2016-17

The Spring flowers were also set back by the cold spell and the daffodils are just reaching their peak while  the tulips and hyacinths are just starting to bloom. macro April 22 2016-16

The dandelions are now in abundance, blooming in everyone’s yard.  They do look pretty up close and they still are almost a welcome sight , after the drab white and gray of the long Winter, but will soon be just another troublesome weed. macro April 22 2016-9

Another welcome sight is the first appearance of the mints plants. I would pick these leaves every morning from Spring until the Fall and use them in my morning tea I  used to have with my dad.  I sure do miss those cups of tea.macro  April 22  2016-31


And so many other plants popping up everywhere, new ones every day now, including these lilac buds, coming attractions of even more delightful days ahead. I love the Spring. Here is a link to some more photographs I took on my hike today. April 22 2016-25

“That which is ordinary, is the most beautiful rare treasure you will thirst to find in the artificial world.” macro April 22 2016-4
Wayne Chirisa