The Wetlands Are Alive With Lush New Growth And The Songs Of Birds.

The Wetlands Are Alive With Lush New Growth And The Songs Of Birds.

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I wasn’t sure  if I was going to take my now routine hike in the Susquehanna Wetlands in Luzerne County on Friday afternoon. There was rain in the forecast. The skies were cloudy and threatening.  However, I still had to do my grocery shopping at the Weis market in Berwick. I have been shopping there on Friday afternoons since the Weis Market  near my home was closed after a fire in  December.  So I decided to drive to the wetlands and hope it didn’t rain before I did my grocery shopping. . 

There were  thick gray clouds when I arrived at the wetlands. As usual I  stopped at the pond at the entrance to see it there was any  wildlife around on the pond. There wasn’t any, not even a sparrow.  It was a warm and humid afternoon with temperatures near 80 degrees. The lush green new growth of  Spring made it look and feel tropical in the wetlands, even with the overcast sky.  Luckily, the clouds soon begin to clear.   The  brilliant May sun shone through the breaks in the clouds by the time  I parked my Jeep and walked to the Susquehanna River.

I didn’t see the duck geese, bald eagles or ospreys I sometime see at the river but, on the way to the trails in the wetlands I did see an eastern bluebird, 

a red-eyed vireo and

the eastern phoebe that has a nest near the entrance. 

And, as I walked by the nest I saw the new born baby phoebes huddled atop the nest. Mom was nearby but seemed accustomed to humans walking by her nest and didn’t mind my presence. 

Walking into the wetlands I found a lush green forest. It seemed every tree, bush and plant had spouted leaves in the week since my last visit. 

And there were flowers blooming everywhere.  The  pretty pink flower of the Dame’s rocket and 

the   daisy-like Philadelphia fleabane flowers were scattered throughout the wetlands. Look carefully and you will see a tiny crab spider on the flowers. 

The azure  bluets were growing in patches on the ground along the trails,

as were the marsh blue violets, 

and common blue violets. 

And one of favorite Spring flowers were in bloom, the pink azalea  or as my dad called them “honeysuckle”.

The autumn olive  trees were also in bloom. These flowers, the lush new green growth and the singing of the birds made walking in the wetlands seems like I was walking in a tropical paradise. 

And there were a lot of birds too. I saw a few solitary sandpipers that remained from the large flock that was migrating through the wetlands the previous week. 

And I saw another welcome Spring song bird, a common yellow-throat. I enjoy seeing these little warblers fluttering in the underbrush along the trails. 

The yellow warblers, the first to arrive were still  here in the wetlands, 

as were the song sparrows that remained here during our cold Winter while their feathered cousins flew to Florida, the Caribbean and even South America to avoid the cold. They all joined in singing their little hearts out,  adding to the chorus of song that echoed in the woodlands. .

I continued my walk through the lush green wetlands. There were no turtles on the logs or along the shore of the canals. I think the water is now as warm as the air temperature and the turtles are happily submerged in the warm murky waters. 

I walked back to the river hoping to see a bald eagle or some other wildlife, I didn’t but I did see some more wild flowers blooming near the river including the mandrake or may apples and. 

the wild geraniums.

I left the lush green wetlands and hiked over to the river lands part of the nature reserve.  The scenery here was spectacular too.  Cumulus clouds floated in the deep blue sky over lake Took-A-While with the now green mountains as a backdrop.   It as a wonderful afternoon for a hike. 

And there were more birds and song as  I walked along the lake. There were a few more of the pretty yellow warblers, 

a lot of American robins,

a red-bellied woodpecker

red-winged blackbirds  both  noisy and active  birds adding their  loud cries to the bird song  and

some common grackles.  I also saw the kingfishers fluttering along the lake. 

I walked to the far end of the lake, taking in the beautiful scenery and then turned back for my return hike. 

It was getting late  in the afternoon. I didn’t expect to see much more wildlife but I did see these red eared sliders turtles emerged form the waters to enjoy the late afternoon sun. 

And I found this painted turtle on the trail I think the are already starting to leaves the waters to lay their eggs. Spring goes by so quickly. 

It was a pleasant walk back in the wetlands, 

I saw  a few more birds, this gray catbird , another  noisy bird, but I love the various songs it sings, 

and this Canada goose sitting on it’s nest. He or she was enduring the rays of the strong May sun, and alert for any predators,  to protect her precious eggs. Soon there will be goslings in the wetlands. 

I neared the end of my walk and didn’t expect to see anymore wildlife when I heard the melodic  flutelike song fill the air.  I knew that  enchanting song, and continued my walk to look for its source. I found it, a wood thrush, singing on a tree branch. 

It continued to sing as it flew to another branch on my approach.  Not only is their singing heavenly they are beautiful birds too. And it’s is so hard to believe that these birds migrate form Central America to sing their songs for us every Spring. 

It was the perfect finale from  the orchestra of birds and the songs they performed on my hike. Here is a link to a gallery were some more photos of the birds I saw on my hike in the wetlands are displayed. Susquehanna Wetlands birds May 13 2022. 

After listening to the song of the wood thrush I finished my five mile hike in the lush green wetlands. 

Every new green leaf is a miracle. And combined with the bird songs, and the flowers, it was an enchanting time of year to enjoy the beauty of Nature that surrounds. I love May. I  love Spring. Here is a link to a gallery on my blog website with more photos from my hike in the lush green wetlands. Susquehanna Wetlands May 13 2022. 

Spring is the green
      is the peace
      is the breeze
      and the blossoms
      and the blues
      past the buds
      to the pinks
      on the brink
      and the warmth
      and the warbles
      and the weeds
      all the yellows
      and the bees
      and the buzzing
      living branches
      and the grasses
      and the gardens
      and the growing
      and the blowing
      of the pollens
      oh! the purples
      and the chirples
      of the birds
      and the beauty
      and the butterflies
      in the skies
      and the sun—
Springtime’s fun!
~Terri Guillemets

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