There’s no place to go, with all of the Snow.

There’s no place to go, with all of the Snow.

Dreck Creek 2-22-2015 (2 of 7)
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Was a lot milder today in Northeastern Pennsylvania but still a lot of snow cover on the ground.  We got another three inches yesterday and there were some higher drifts making walking anywhere in the woods very difficult. I really get cabin fever this time of year since I can’t just roam where ever feel like when I head out for my walk. Got some issues with my knee and hip so can’t trudge through the deep snow like I used too. So I either have to walk the street or find me a road used by snowmobilers or. like today, a local utility company.

I hiked in the tracks left by the local water company vehicle out the Dreck Creek Reservoir. No timbering here, yet, and it is still a beautiful place to hike. The local Rail to Trails path is out here too. Was still a difficult walk but nice and peaceful sitting near the frozen and snow covered reservoir. And doesn’t look like it will be melting any time soon. Worked on my photo plug in and the photos on my photograph page should upload a lot quicker now. Also uploaded a few photos from my hike to my Flicker site. This is the link. Creek 2-22-2015 (5 of 7)


“Every mile in winter is two” George Herbert




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