Trinidad And Tobago Day Six: An Evening Walk In The Coastal Village Of Grande Riviere

Trinidad And Tobago Day Six: An Evening Walk In The Coastal Village Of Grande Riviere

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It was late afternoon when I arrived in the quiet and scenic village of Grande Riviere. My driver, and owner of the hotel Piero showed me to my rustic and comfortable room .

The Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel is located on the beach and  my room had a  balcony overlooking the ocean.   I love hearing the sound of  waves crashing on the shore. I knew I would sleep well that evening. 

 The sun sets around 6 p.m  in Trinidad.  I had about an hour of sunlight left. There is little twilight at these low latitudes.  I quickly settled into my room and was  off on a quick walk to explore the tiny, remote village. I first took a walk out to the beach to get a look at the incredible tropical scenery. 

Grande Riviere  is home to only a few hundred residents. I walked from the hotel about one block to the main street, Well,  actually one of only two or three street in the entire village. 

I walked past the  few shops

and, I think, only restaurant in town, 

I  followed a side street up a hill.

I wasn’t alone. In addition to some local residents strolling this quiet street

I saw a lot of chickens and roosters on the streets. 

There were also a lot of friendly dogs roaming the streets. I loved this two puppies. They followed me for a block or two.

I followed the street up a hillside, walking past brightly colored homes, most with flowers and vegetable gardens. 

The local folks, like people everywhere, don’t take kindly to other people stealing the vegetables. 

I made my way back down the hillside under the late afternoon sunlight. 

I did see a few birds on my walk including a pair of southern lapwings. 

This pretty blue-grey tanager. 

And a few swallows.  Here is a link to some more photographs fo the birds I saw on my hike. Trinidad and Tobago Day Six  Evening walk birds April 29 2019. 

I walked out of the small town watching its residents get ready for the fast approaching night.

I came to river after which the village is named, the Grande Riviere.

It was time to head back to my hotel. I arrived after the sunset but watched the beautiful skies darken  over the Caribbean Sea.

I returned to my room, showered and had a wonderful dinner at the hotel. After dinner I anxiously awaited my tour of the beach  to see the leatherback  turtles that, hopefully, will be laying their eggs. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike. Trinidad and Tobago Day Six evening walk. April 29 2019. 

“When you feel yourself completely free, you will feel as if you are at a wonderful seaside!” 
― Mehmet Murat ildan