Trinidad And Tobago Day Six: Farewell To The Asa Wright Nature Center And Lodge

Trinidad And Tobago Day Six: Farewell To The Asa Wright Nature Center And Lodge

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I awoke from another refreshing sleep on  my last day at the Asa Wright lodge. The cottages are  rustic and modestly furnished. There is no air conditioning. However, the overhead fan provides a nice breeze that made it pleasantly comfortable for sleeping. I really liked my little cottage. The birds again had me up before sunrise. Once again I followed the same routine. Coffee in the main building, a visit to the veranda and then a morning walk before breakfast on the half mile driveway leading to the lodge.tree lined trail

On this, my last day, I was very familiar with the driveway walk. I had walked it a dozen of times.  I knew the trees, streams and trails very well. I was going to miss them and the birds and other wildlife that resides here. tree lined trail  Although I could hear them, and see them fluttering through the trees I wasn’t able to get any good  photographs of  the birds that were active in the early morning. I decided to only photograph new species or take better photographs of the ones I have already got. I took a lot of photographs.  As i walked I admired the tropical flowers growing everywhere along the driveway.yellow tropical flower

After walking the driveway to the  main road , I returned to the lodge and hike down the Discovery Trail. Here I photographed some of the things I  already took for granted, like a large leaf cutter ant nest. leaf cutter ant nest

Or the Hawaiian torch flowers. tropical flower

Further down the Discovery Trail I  was able  to watch this white-bearded manikin dart on the forest floor. white bearded manakin on branch

And, on my way back to the lodge for breakfast I captured this male tufted coquette hummingbird perched on a branch. In my opinion it was the most beautiful and exotic bird I saw on my trip.  At breakfast I shared my capture of this beautiful bird and discussed the activities of my fellow guests. The friends I made were also leaving the lodge in the afternoon.  In the past, we would exchange home addresses and telephone numbers. Now we became friends on Facebook. Here is a link to some more photographs from my morning walk. Trinidad and Tobago Day Six Morning walk. April 29 2019.male tufted coquette hummingbird

I still had to pack,  but after breakfast I walked through the beautiful rooms of the lodge one last time. 

 Breakfast, lunch and dinner with a view. This is where I sat and enjoyed many delicious meals and the company of wonderful guests.

The old rooms of this old plantation home had evoked many thoughts about its previous inhabitants. 

Of course, the most famous being the founder of the nature center, Asa Wright. 

After one last tour of the building I returned to my room and quickly packed. My ride to the northwest side of the island was scheduled for 1 ;30 p.m. and I spent the rest of the morning sitting on the veranda and editing the many photographs I took at the lodge.

The veranda was crowded with  guest and day visitors enjoying the many birds that visit daily. I had my camera nearby, in the event a new species of bird was observed. It is easy to know this because of the excitement the appearance of an unusual bird generates on the veranda. As did the appearance of this  Guianan trogon in a tree near the veranda. 

I also photographed another male tufted coquette hummingbird, this one in flight as it gathered nectar form some of the flowers growing near the veranda. 

I also saw this brown creeper gathering ants on a nearby tree.

And this brown squirrel scampering in the branches overhead. Here is a link to some more photographs from the veranda. Trinidad and Tobago Veranda April 29 2019.

It was a beautiful way to spend my last day at the lodge. Unfortunately, it had to end.  I joined my friends for one final meal.  After lunch I  packed my luggage and waited for my ride to my next destination ,  Grande Riviere and the famous Mt. Plaisir Hotel. 

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