Trouble in Paradise, but I did get to see some cool stuff.

Trouble in Paradise, but I did get to see some cool stuff.

Sun God Temple Altun Ha
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Well it was almost heaven down here, but back to Earth today, not sure if it was something I ate or drank but I spent more time in the bathroom at the Mayan temples at Altun Ha then I did exploring the site. Got to see a lot of it and climbed to the top of two of the temples but it wasn’t fun. disappointed I had to miss the Pre Classic part of the tour.  Still was an awesome day. Learned much more about the Mayan culture. Their middle class and peasants  were usually under five feet tall and had a life span of between 25 and 35 years. The priests, who ran these temples were over six feet tall and lived into their 70’s. Interesting.

Feeling a lot better thanks to the kindness of a doctor who is staying at the Lodge. She gave me good advice and the staff here  at the Lodge provided me with a local cure. The juice from two fresh lemons. Hoping it works.  I skipped lunch and dinner.

Internet is still slow to but you’ll have that. Only able to post a few photos on my Flicker page from my visit to Altun Ha.  Here is the link.  Still a truly delightful day, experiencing the natural beauty, history culture and bacteria  of Belize.  It was a long day so going to try and get to sleep tomorrow. Hope it’s not too cold back home. Altun Ha Belize 001 (25)



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  1. Tammy DeMarco on February 16, 2015 at 11:35 pm

    Hope you are feeling better, Frank. Pictures are amazing. I love your website. Still very cold here.

    • on February 17, 2015 at 2:02 pm

      Thanks Tammy I am but still a little week. A nice retired Doctor has been helping me out. Taking it easy today. Thanks there is so much to photograph here, but can’t share them since the internet is so slow. Will try and get some cool blue heron pics up. Stay warm and turn the temperature back up when i get back.