Walking The Rails Again, Never Gets Old.

Walking The Rails Again, Never Gets Old.

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I stayed close to home again today, and hiked out the local railroad tracks.  And, as is always the case, there was so much to see. It was a cool start to the day again here in Northeastern Pennsylvania but by the time I got out this afternoon it warmed up. It was still mostly cloudy but enjoyed those big puffy cumulus clouds. railroad tracks hike (15 of 20)

I noticed a lot more bees buzzing around the flowers as well as an assortment of other insects. The bees enjoyed the comfrey flowers. The daisies are now blooming everywhere, a sure sign Summer will soon be here. railroad tracks hike bee (1 of 1)

I walked out the tracks to the local ponds and noticed hundreds of tiny frogs on the shores. There were still thousands of tadpoles in the ponds too. And a lot of large bullfrogs but they were too quick for me and my camera.

And there are now a lot more dragonflies  darting and hovering along the ponds. Saw a lot of the females depositing their eggs in the water.  I was able to get some photos of one of them, shown above,  hovering in mid air. There are some more photographs in  the gallery I uploaded today, and the link can be found below. railroad tracks hike (13 of 20)

I was fortunate to, once again, have a freight train come along as I walked the tracks. I have always enjoyed walking these tracks, and, as a child, often wonder where they would take me. And how I wished I could just hop on the passing train and find out. I still have that wanderlust.

I headed back and encountered the only mammal on the hike, a  groundhog chewing on some leaves. he was as curious about me as I was of him. So, I didn’t travel very far again, but was still able to see a lot of the natural world. All you have to do is keep your eyes peeled. railroad tracks hike groundhog (1 of 1)

This is the link to some more photographs from my hike this afternoon. https://keepyoureyespeeled.net/photographs-5/nggallery/blog-photos/railroad-tracks-hike-june-5-2015

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“The restlessness and the longing, like the longing that is in the whistle of a faraway train. Except that the longing isn’t really in the whistle—it is in you.”
Meindert DeJon

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  1. Marcy on June 5, 2015 at 9:22 pm

    For some reason couldn’t get this one, altho picture of dragonfly is great.