Another Afternoon Hike At The PPL River Lands and Wetlands

Another Afternoon Hike At The PPL River Lands and Wetlands

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We finally had some  warm, summer-like  weather here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. After spending a few hours at my office in the  morning, I decided to head to the PPL River Lands and Wetlands in Salem Township on Tuesday  afternoon.

 Temperatures were in the low 80’s when I arrived and I began my walk under the canopy of green new leaves on the trails in the wetlands. 

Even the late oaks were putting forth their first leaves. Along the trails  more wildflowers continued to bloom. The flowers took all shapes, sizes and colors. The  wild phlox or Dames’s rocket where blooming everywhere on the trails of both the wetlands and river lands. 

These flowers, I believe a species of fleabane, were not as numerous  or colorful as the wild phlox but still added to the beauty of the Spring woodlands. 

The delicate blue-eyed  grass flowers could be found nearer the canals and ponds. 

 As  were  another one of my favorites,  the beautiful northern blue flag iris. I loved seeing the flowers growing along the  shores of the waters in the wetlands in Spring. 

In addition to the trees and flowers the many species of ferns like these sensitive ferns,

and cinnamon ferns, added to the  lovely green Spring landscape

It was getting hotter, temperatures  neared   90 degrees,  so there was not a lot of wildlife activity. The many turtles that basked in the early Spring sun to warm their body temperatures could now remain out of sight in the warm waters of the wetlands. The frogs, however  could still be seen, and heard splashing into the waters as I approached. 

There were a few birds active in the trees in the wetlands including this one, I believe a species of flycatcher, 

this yellow warbler, 

and a few Baltimore orioles. 

I walked to the River Lands section of the nature preserve. Lake Too-A-While looked beautiful surrounded by the now green woodlands on its shores. 

I found three families of geese swimming on it’s warm waters.  

The goslings are getting big so quick. . I love Spring but it comes and goes so fast. 

I finally saw a  large turtle sunning itself on a log. 

And a few chipmunks,

 and red squirrels scampered in the trees along the trail. 

There were a couple of great blue herons both here and in the wetlands.

This fellow took off as I approached. 


flew to the safety of a tree top. 

In another treetop I saw this bird perched in a tree. At first I taught it looked like a swallow but it was much to big. I believe it was an eastern  king bird. 

It was now late afternoon so I began my walk back to my car parked in the wetlands. 

Along the way I saw this young song sparrow,

scrambling in a honeysuckle bush.

Once again, I didn’t come across anything exciting like a bald eagle, a rattlesnake or a bear but I enjoy the small wonders of nature just as much . So much to see in the PPl Wetlands and River Lands and once again they didn’t disappoint. Here is a link to some more photos from my hike in the PPL Wetlands and River Lands PPL Wetlands hike May 26  2020.

“And the birds sang their songs of love. And the flowers serenaded with their sublime fragrances. And the whole world fell in love in spring!”
― Avijeet Das


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