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Dominican Republic Day Seven: An Informative Hike in The Los Haitises National Park With My Guide Wilfred

Los Haitises National Park is described by the Dominican Republic travel website  as  “one of crown jewels” of the Dominican Republic’s national park system.  Encompassing over 600 square miles  “Los Haitises ” translates into “hilly land” in the native Taino language. I learned  this firsthand on a wonderful guided tour of the park with Wilfred, …

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Abundant November Sunshine At Community Park In Hazle Township.

November sunshine is not common here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. November is usually our  cloudiest month of year . I remember  years when we didn’t see the sun all month.  Many of my November  memories are of  cloudy and dreary days. However, this past week we were blessed with abundant November sunshine.  And I took advantage…

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A Mid-November Hike In The Susquehanna Wetlands.

Mid-November arrived with some torrential rains, and then our first snow flurries, here in Northeastern Pennsylvania on Saturday. So I didn’t hike in the Susquehanna Wetlands , but I am a creature of habit, so I drove to the Wetlands early Sunday morning. I know there are many beautiful places to hike in my area…

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