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A Couple Mid December Hikes in Community Park.

It has been  three weeks since I last hiked in the Community Park near my home in Hazle Township, Luzerne County. It is mid December now and in many years here in Northeastern Pennsylvania the lakes and ponds would be frozen and  covered in snow and ice. . Not this year. On Tuesday afternoon I…

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Bald Eagles, A Red Tailed Hawk And A Kingfisher On Another Dark And Dreary December Day In the Susquehanna Wetlands

It was another dark and dreary December day here in Northeastern Pennsylvania on Sunday. Temperatures were near freezing with a strong westerly wind.  I decided to return to the Susquehanna Wetlands  in Luzerne County. I had just hiked there  Friday afternoon, on another dark and dreary day.  I know there are dozens of beautiful hiking…

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