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An Early Summer Hike In The Susquehanna Wetlands

 I love the Spring,  it is so welcome after our  long , cold, and dark Winters here in Northeastern Pennsylvania,  but, I love Summer even more.  Both are so full of life and the beauty of nature  is everywhere. But  I have always loved the long, warm days  of Summer since I was a child. …

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A Mid Summer Hike In The Penrose Swamp Barrens Preserve.

Cooler and less humid weather  arrived here in Northeastern Pennsylvania last Saturday. It was sunny with temperatures in the mid 50’s,  Saturday morning, perfect hiking weather.  I decided to  hike in the Penrose Swamp Barrens again.  It is becoming another one of my  favorite hiking trails. The newly acquired 2700 acre tract of pristine woodlands…

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