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March Waxing Gibbous Moon.

I thought I’d shares some photographs of the waxing gibbous moon that peeked through the clouds here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  It is a mild night for march with temperatures in the 40’s, well above average, so a nice night to watch the waxing moon under the trees in my back yard.  In a few days…

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Back To Winter: A Frigid Hike Out To The Penrose Reservoir

There are  only a few days until Spring arrives , but, after months  of above average weather,  Winter has returned with a vengeance to Northeastern Pennsylvania.  We had  almost a half a foot of snow yesterday and some of the coldest temperatures of the season here this morning. Not good walking conditions, especially in March.…

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This Snow Is For The Birds

Well they got this one right, we got the blizzard they predicated here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. As I type this post,  there is almost 20 inches of snow in my backyard here in Hazle Township. I am glad I filled the bird feeders yesterday. The birds found a lot of their food sources under almost…

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