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Snow And A Snow Moon In The Mountain View Cemetery

Well,  Winter returned to Northeastern Pennsylvania today.  It has been a mild, and pretty much snow free, Winter so far this year  but about four to six inches of snow fell today.  And, after the snow ended, a strong northwesterly wind brought in some clearing, and  frigid  temperatures.    I am not a big fan…

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A Very Early Spring At The PPL Wetlands.

The record temperature today  here in my hometown of Hazleton, Pennsylvania,  is  16 degrees below zero. That is pretty darn cold.  Although it is not that cold every year, most years we still have some snow cover, cold temperatures and ice on the ponds and lakes  in our area in late February.  Not this year.…

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Back To Winter At The PPL Wetlands

After a record setting week of warm temperatures,  more seasonable cold weather returned to Northeastern Pennsylvania today. I decided to see if the recent warm weather brought some early migrating water fowl to the PPL Wetlands.  I arrived under cloudy skies, temperatures in the upper 20’s and with  a few  passing snow showers.  I found…

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