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Spring Is Making An Appearance, And It Sure Is Welcome

Well , so glad to have my blog website working again.i couldn’t upload photographs for over a week now.   It’s Spring here in Northeastern Pennsylvania and that always means plenty of beautiful happenings in the natural world. And, after the months of the  browns, grays and whites of Winter even the lowy dandelion looks…

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Memories On An Easter Morning Walk.

Good morning folks. This post will be of more interest to my friends and followers near my home,  in  the Green Ridge section of Hazle Township and West Hazleton, but you’re all welcome to read along. In years past I would visit my dad early on Easter morning and would spend time sharing a cup…

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Australia Day: Twenty Phillip Island – The Penguin Parade

After leaving the Art Gallery, I found the bus waiting for the approximately 2 hour ride to Phillip Island, home of a large colony of little penguins, also called blue or fairy penguins. Having been fortunate enough to visit Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands, I have already seen, and photographed  emperor, king, chinstrap, adelie, macaroni,…

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