Mississippi Day Six: Another Change Of Plans Leads Me to A Hike In The Muddy Creek Wetlands In Alabama

Mississippi Day Six: Another Change Of Plans Leads Me to A Hike In The Muddy Creek Wetlands In Alabama

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After my morning visit to the Lake Mars pier I returned to my hotel and was planning on driving to Mobile Alabama to visit the Botanical Gardens there. I chose a hotel near the  Botanical Gardens so I could visit on Monday afternoon and again Tuesday morning before my flight back home. I checked out their website for directions and learned that the gardens were closed until Wednesday. Once again my plans went astray on this trip. Well I quickly looked for an alternative destination and learned of the Muddy Creek Wetlands Management Area. It was on my way to Mobile so this is where I headed after   breakfast and checking of my hotel in Pascagoula.  

It was around  noon when I arrived at Muddy Creek Wetlands. The wetlands preserve is an Alabama State Port Authority project to preserve the wetlands around the Muddy Creek. Unfortunately just as I was arriving a strong westerly winds blew in some dark clouds. There was rain in the forecast but my Weather App advised that I had about an hour until the rain started. So I began my hike on the trail at a very brisk pace.

The first part of the trail took me under a second growth upland pine forest. A few wild flowers, like this blue mistflower  bloomed along the trail and, 

I saw some now familiar  red yaupon holly berries brightening the mostly brown woods. 

The trail lead to the wetlands,

which you were able to cross on a boardwalk that, 

eventually crossed the Muddy Creek. 

The forest here was mixed with many bald cypress, pine, magnolia trees growing in the wetlands. 

Sweetgum trees also grew in the wetlands, as evidenced by their fallen leaves.

Netted chain ferns and

long beechferns grew underneath these trees. 

And some mushrooms grew on the decaying trees. 

The wind picked up and I could feel the rain in the air. I kept up my quick pace. I did see some birds, ruby-crowned kinglets, and heard other but I have time to stop and wait to try and photograph them. The trail next took me to a beaver impoundment area 

Here, a sign indicated that there are wood ducks living in this area. I love seeing these beautiful ducks  in the wetlands near my home in Northeastern Pennsylvania  but I didn’t see any on my hike. 

The only critters I did see and was and able to photograph was this eastern phoebe and, 

this spider.

The trail proceeded back to the upland forest where there were more large ancient live oak trees.

Here I also found some of the pretty and colorful beautyberries. 

I finished up my 2.4 mile hike before the rains arrived. Although I didn’t see much wildlife I learned  a lot about the local woodlands. I am sure if it were earlier in the day, and I had more time I would have seen more wildlife on trail. Here is a link to a gallery with some more photographs from my visit to the Muddy Creek Wetlands. Mississippi Day Six Muddy Creek Wetlands December 6 2021 

It was around 1;30 when I got back to my car. It was a 1/2 hour drive to my hotel, the Holiday Inn Express near the University of South Alabama. I checked in and drove my KIA, which I came to like to the airport.  I had an interesting ride back to the airport with a wonderful taxi driver. It was raining now and, after walking to a highly recommended restaurant Via Emilia in the pouring rain, I was disappointed to find there were no tables open all evening. I was lucky to find another great restaurant,  Chef Sake. I had a delicious bowl of miso soup ,

and then salmon hibachi. I  returned to my room where I edited photos and retired early, looking forward to one last hike in Alabama on my adventure in the Deep South. 

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

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