Another Hike Around Scenic Hopewell Lake In French Creek State Park

Another Hike Around Scenic Hopewell Lake In French Creek State Park

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I returned to Hopewell Lake in French Creek State park early Saturday morning on my recent visit to Southeastern Pennsylvania.  It was a lot cooler then the previous day when I arrived shortly after sunrise,  temperatures were in the mid 50’s. 

A mist had formed on the lake. 

making for some beautiful scenery. 

The almost Full moon was setting in the western sky. 

Near the lake I saw this squirrel who was feeding on some  black walnuts, 

he seemed to still be a little sleepy and he kept rubbing his eyes. 

I followed the same trail as my hike the previous day, the Lake Loop Trail. 

It took me past the wetlands were I saw the family of wood ducks the day before, 

they weren’t here but I did see another  belted kingfisher ,

and a northern flickers along the lake. 

I also saw some more mushrooms along the trails. I missed these two  on my previous hike.  They are my favorite, aspen scaber bolete or, as my dad called them, “red tops”. I learned to identify these before  I was in elementary school. We would dry these mushrooms and make a  traditional  Polish mushroom soup on our Christmas Eve Holy Supper. 

There were also some boletus edulis  also known as cep or penny buns growing along the trail. . These are also  a much sought after edible mushroom. 

The mist and cool temperatures didn’t discourage a few fishermen who were out in their boats on the lake.

 I continued my walk on the trail, first walking through a picnic area,

   the trail  then followed the shore of the lake again, where  I heard, and saw a few birds including a Carolina wren,

an eastern phoebe, 

a  white breasted nuthatch and

this least flycatcher

The mist had  burned off   by the time I got to  the dam on the far side of the  lake. 

Here, I  left  the Lake Loop Trail and followed the  Hopewell Deep Woods Trail, 

that  took me back into the Hopewell Furnace  National Historic Site.

This is a wonderful place to spend an early Summer morning. 

I walked  along the fields and past the historic houses and buildings.

I didn’t see any birds, and the sheep I saw on my hike the previous day weren’t in the field. There were a lot of bees visiting the flowers including this one on a chicory flower. 

I left the Hopewell Furnace and walked backed to the trails along the lake. This time I stayed on the Boone Trail and didn’t follow the shore line of the lake. 

It took me further up the ridge above the lake. There were a lot of spider webs visible along the trail. They were wet from the mist and shone in the early morning sunshine. 

The only birds I saw and heard on this part of the trail were a couple of northern cardinals. This is a male. 

A few more mushrooms were growing along the trail including,

these two species of amanita mushrooms. 

The morning sun filtered through the canopy of leaves from the large trees along the trail.

The trail then descended the ridge and neared the lake where there were some open fields. Here I saw a few eastern blue birds.

The trail then   meandered back into the woodlands and approached, 

and crossed French Creek. 

The trail took me  back to Hopewell Lake lake and the lot where I parked my Jeep.

I walked along the shores of the lake, and past  the many water lilies that were blooming  one the waters of the lake.

I walked back to the wetlands where I saw the wood ducks on my walk the previous day. .

They weren’t there, but I did see some turtles, 


and this whitetail deer.  Here is a link to some more photos of the wildlife I saw on my hike in a gallery on my blog website. French Creek  State Park morning hike  critters August 13 2022. 

I finished my five mile hike taking in one last look at scenic Hopewell Lake.  I enjoyed my two hikes here and hope to return soon. I was glad to share some thoughts and photos here on my blog. I enjoyed exploring  French Creek State  Park  and Southeastern Pennsylvania. It was an unplanned, las minute adventure, but a good one They always are. . I learned so much  and  hope to learn more on my next visit.  Here is a link to a gallery with some more photos from my hike around Hopewell Lake.  French Creek State  Park August 13 2022

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” LEWIS CARROLL

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