Cold , Snow And Ice But A Lot Of Warm Memories At Community Park.

Cold , Snow And Ice But A Lot Of Warm Memories At Community Park.

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I was still busy catching up with chores after my visit to New Zealand so I wanted  to stay close to home on Sunday morning. I decided to  hike out our local Community Park in Hazle Township.road to Lake Irena in Community park

I was hoping to  see some water birds after finding so many different species   at the PPl Wetlands on Saturday.  When I arrived I was surprised to find Lake Irena to be almost completely  covered in ice and snow. And it was cold. The only person in the park was  on the lake, an elderly man ice fishing near the shore. Lake Irena Community park

I took a quick walk around the lake in the cold morning air  under the large pine and hemlock trees on its northern side. snow and pine trees on trail

There was some open water here, but no ducks or geese.lake Irena

In fact the only bird, or any critter for that matter, was a vulture. A  sign of Winter is ending for sure, since they are one of the first birds to return to our area in Spring.turkey vulture in flight

As I walked past the lone fishermen, he caught a nice looking trout in the frigid water of the lake. fish on ice and boots

I made my way to the trail that led to the Hazle Township Babe Ruth field. The ground was still covered with a few inches of snow making walking a bit difficult.

At the field I decided to walk the old access road that has to have been abandoned for over  ten years now.  As I walked along the now wooded trail I remembered driving out this road with my dad to watch my brother’s Babe Ruth Games when I was in high school.  Good memories they were.

I followed the trail to a gate to the Woodlawn Park development.

I now remembered coming out here with my dad at an even younger age. My dad used to hang draperies  for a home decorating business called Arlotto’s.  He left to work for the Hazleton Standard Speaker but would often hang draperies after work and I would tag along. I remember driving to this then new development when I was in second or third grade.

I walked through the development wondering what house it could have been. I love walking through   housing developments, patch towns or neighborhoods in cities.  I enjoy thinking about the people who lived here, what they did for a living? , what were their hobbies and interests?, and so many other questions.

I left the development and returned to the old road. This time I followed some tracks on a side trail. I followed it through the woods and came to a fence, I realized it was the Hazleton Airport.

This brought back more memories of my dad. He loved to visit this airport. Some of my earliest memories were coming out here with him to watch the airplanes land.

I again reflected on my dad and the great influence he had on my life as I walked back to Community Park.

I now thought about the many times he would bring our family  here to walk along the lake. He especially liked visiting in the Spring. I recall the old hand water pump in the park. We would get a drink by cranking the pump handle. Good memories they were.

Life remains a mystery to me, even more so after the horrible events of the last year, but this I know, my parents loved us. And the memories I have of my parents and childhood are my most precious possessions. I am glad this cold March walk reminded me of this.  Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike.   Community Park hike   March  3 2019

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.  John Muir

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