Despite The Clouds And Rain, A Nice June Walk On The Rails To Trails.

Despite The Clouds And Rain, A Nice June Walk On The Rails To Trails.

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It looks like I can’t escape the rainy weather. It followed me from my recent trip to Norway where I had 10 days of rain.  It was another rainy start here in Northeastern Pennsylvania this morning. But it’s June and the woods in June are always beautiful even in the rain.trail entrance

I decided to stay close to home because of the rain. I drove to our local Rails to Trails. I was lucky and the rain stopped when I arrived and I began my walk under cloudy and cool skies.lush green wooded trail

The greatest growth of the year occurs in June here in Pennsylvania.  I love the lush green colors of the tree this time of year.ferns along trail

In addition to the trees the many plants and shrubs also ar well as one of my favorite summer flowers, the daisies. daisies along trail

The mountain laurel is also in bloom,mountain laurel along trail

as in the sheep laurel. sheep laurel

Although it is still early in the season, there were some  mushrooms growing.yellow mushroom on trail

The milkweed were just putting forth their flowers buds.

I heard a lot of birds in the trees and brush as I walked but had a hard time seeing or photographing them in the thick new foliage.  I did manage to get a photograph of this robin with a meal in his beak.robin with worm  

I walked out to  the picnic area when rain started again. It conintued until I got to the three mile mark and I decided to turn around. 

It was a nice slow walk back, with an occaisonal shower. I saw a few runners and walkers along the trail. We chatted about the beauty of the woods in June even in the rain. 

Although I would have loved to see some sunshine it was still a nice walk in the rain. Summer goes so fast so you have to enjoy each day no matter what Nature throws at us. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike. Rails to Trails hike June 23 2018.

I know well that the June rains just fall.     Onitsura