Europe Day Eleven: Slovakia: One Last Walk Through The Streets Of Kosice.

Europe Day Eleven: Slovakia: One Last Walk Through The Streets Of Kosice.

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I awoke early again on my last day in Kosice. I had come to love this interesting city  I have never heard of it or this area of our planet a few weeks before my visit. I wanted  to walk  through it’s charming streets one last time before I had to leave.  After a cup of coffee I was off to Old Town walking past it’s most famous landmark,  St’ Elizabeth Cathedral, the easternmost Gothic Cathedral in Europe and the largest church in Slovakia.

As I  walked past, I was surprised the Cathedral was open at this early hour, it was around 6;30 a.m. I ventured inside and was again awed by it’s beauty. 

The construction of the Cathedral began in the late 14th century. There were only a few people in the church, in the last pews so I walked quietly through the historic church taking photos of the beautiful altar, 

paintings and,

other artwork. 

I also admired the large organ in the back of the church, which I heard on my first visit inside the church on the Sunday I arrived. I could have spent hours in the church but I wanted to get some walking in before my ride to the airport in Budapest arrived at 9 a.m.

I left the Cathedral and walked the empty streets of the Old Town. 

I walked past the Opera House one last time,

hoping to return as see a play or opera. 

I walked past the now silent Singing Fountain

and made my way through the deserted street

to Mestsky Park. I enjoyed my walks in this delightful park and had to walk under it’s ancient trees on last time. 

This was another place I could have spent a few hours, listening to and photographing the birds on the park. 

I left the park and 

walked back into the Old Town as the city was awakening. 

On the main street they were preparing for the Slovakian marathon to be held that weekend,

It looked like it was going to be a great time. 

I meandered  through the side streets and courtyards, 

observing the signs and 

shops and restaurants  as I walked past. They enjoy eating here. 

I do too,  and wish I could spend a few more weeks enjoying  the food 

and culture of the city.

I loved the old building and the ancient wooden doors in Old Town Kosice. . I wondered when the tree that supplied the wood for these doors sprouted it’s first leaf. It could have been before the Cathedral was built. 

But I had walked a quick  4 miles and it was time to head back to my hotel. 

I  showered, had a quick breakfast and finished packing. My driver, Marek arrived right on time and we soon on the highway  on the way to Budapest.

It is a 150 mile three hour drive and I enjoyed the scenery and conversation with  Marek. 

He again pointed out all of the sights. discussed the local history and culture and talked about our favorite subject, mushrooms. The drive went fast. 

We were soon in the busy traffic of Budapest and I was discussing plans for a return trip with Marek.  He dropped me off at the hotel, where I left my luggage. He then took me off at the airport. I said my farewells to Marek. He made me feel like family on  my trip to Slovakia. I hope to return and hunt for mushrooms with him.  Here is a link to a gallery on my blog website with some more photos from my morning hike  in Kosice and drive to the airport. Europe Day Eleven Slovakia Kosice morning hike June 10 2022. 

I had to get tested for COVID . A negative test was required to board my early flight the next day.  I found the testing center, and after some confusion over the rapid test I arranged  in advance of my trip, I  was tested and the results were positive. I was going home! I took a taxi back to my hotel and checked into my room where I edited some photos but not for long. I was anxious to venture out one more time on my last minute trip to Europe. 

“I think one travels more usefully when they travel alone, because they reflect more.”  Thomas Jefferson

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