Fall Colors, Clouds And A Snake At Community Park

Fall Colors, Clouds And A Snake At Community Park

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks and haven’t been able to keep up with my afternoon hikes. The Fall colors were peaking here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I have been walking in the Community Park near my home in Hazle Township Luzerne County. This post is from a hike I took on an mostly overcast day at the park about two weeks ago.  

Lake Irena looked much different than my previous hike I took the day before on a clear and sunny day. The clouds hanging over Lake  Irena were ominous and a sign of the approaching cold weather.

A flock of Canada geese were on the lake when I arrived. I believe they are a local flock and will remain a few more weeks. They flew off the lake, I think searching for food in the nearby fields. 

Walking toward the north side of the lake, I crossed the bridge over the creek that feeds the lake, 

and along the trail under the tall pine and oak trees on this  side of the lake. More fall colors appear every day now. 

The maples,

 and high bush blueberries. have completely changed into their beautiful fall colors.  

Only a few wildflowers now bloomed along the trail. On this hike I saw this late blooming common sow thistle, 

and this rabbit tobacco flower. 

Also growing along the trail were some mushrooms. I believe these are a species of amanita know as the fly agaric. These hallucinogenic mushrooms have a long history in world art and literature. 

As I continued my walk along the lake I saw this pair of mallard ducks. They will soon be leaving our area and heading south. 

While watching the ducks, I thought I heard  the chatter of a kingfisher. I haven’t seen one at the lake all Summer. Sure enough, there one was, fluttering over the lake, probably stopping on it’s migration sought. 

There were also some chipmunks and squirrels scurrying in the woods looking for acorns to store for the approaching cold weather. 

Finishing up my three mile hike I encountered one more critter slithering along the path

I now believe it is a water snake. Unfortunately, when I encountered it I wasn’t sure so I kept my distance. 

It was cool and  overcast but I enjoyed my three mile hike in the park. Not only did I see the pretty fall colors I was able to see some wildlife which I could share here in my blog. Hopefully, I will get a few more opportunities before the cold arrives. Here is a link to a gallery with some more photographs from my hike to check out the Fall colors. Community Park hike. October 7 2020.

A brooding calm in all the air,
A dreamy quiet everywhere…
A golden glow to light the day
That fades in purple mists away—
This soothing calm, this presence bright,
October’s sweet and mellow light.
~Phebe A. Holder

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