Florida Day Seven: Exploring And Enjoying Beautiful Key Largo

Florida Day Seven: Exploring And Enjoying Beautiful Key Largo

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My last  day in  beautiful Key Largo began with a drive to the Kawama Yacht Club resort to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic ocean.  Every sunrise over an ocean is a different and awe-inspiring experience. key largo sunrise

The  subtle and changing  hues of orange, yellow, red and pink dance across the waves as the sun nears the horizon. key largo sunrise

I still remember my first sunrise over the ocean, this same ocean, a long time ago when I was in Florida while in college. Still so beautiful they are, and I reflect how fortunate I have seen it rise  above  all the oceans of this planet. Key Largo sunrise

While enjoying the sunrise I also observed the moon, now in its last quarter. I have been watching  the phases of the moon, and contemplating how it signifies the passage of time,  since I was a child. Here is a link to some more photographs  the sunrise. Florida Day Seven: sunrise March 16 2020.moon Key largo

After watching the sunrise I drove to the docks at the Key Largo Fisheries and decided to explore this area of the island. I enjoy roaming the neighborhoods of the towns and cities I visit on my travels. Like the forests and woodlands I love to explore,  there is always something to see in every town if you keep your eyes peeled.dock Key largo

The docks of the small marina where already buzzing with activity in this early morning hour.  Some fishermen where getting their boats ready to head out to sea while others appeared to have just came in from the sea and where cleaning their catch. 

I know the local pelicans and seagulls where happy to await for the scraps leftover after the fish were gutted and filleted .

They were eagerly awaiting the free breakfast in the waters below the boats. 

I walked out on the short pier and watched some of the seagulls. pelicans and egrets fly overhead in the morning sunshine. 

Walking along the docks and piers, even a small one like  this, is one of my favorite early morning activities when I am visiting a town or city near the ocean. 

Across from the dock is the local American Legion, a popular gathering spot where I enjoyed listening to a local band my first night in Key Largo. 

It is an interesting  and patriotic place for sure.

With many symbols honoring the men and women who served our country located around the property.

. The large tree we sat under while we watched the band Thursday evening  looked even more impressive in the day.

I understand a local band plays  on this stage on Thursday nights and I hope to be back and enjoy some music on a warm Florida evening. 

I continued my walk on one of the side streets and headed east toward the ocean.

At homes I saw at the beginning of the street were modest and probably represented the first homes built in the neighborhood. 

Many of the home had  well maintained gardens with interesting, ocean themed yard decorations and mailboxes. 

As one neared the ocean the older more modest homes  gradually transformed into   modern and more  structures. The largest were  situated on the ocean ,  barring access to the shore. 

I walked back on another street and found the same arrangement, larger homes near the ocean and more modest homes further down the street. However, many  of the older homes were being purchased and replaced with much more expensive structures. This, I believe occurs in cities and towns all over the world.  I have seen it from Dallas to Auckland.

While walking I did see some birds in the trees along the street including this mocking-bird,

 this dove and

this fellow, the species of which I am not sure. 

After hiking my usual five miles through the neighborhoods I returned to my jeep, parked next to an old bridge with its own colorful history. It was time for breakfast and I drove to Harriette’s to enjoy another delicious homemade breakfast. Here is some more photographs from my hike through the streets of  Key Largo. Florida Day Seven morning walk March 16 2020

After breakfast I returned to  the Bar Harbor resort and spent my afternoon editing photographs and  taking in the view of the bay while relaxing in the sun. 

Later in the afternoon I walked across the highway and enjoyed another nice dinner as Sal Ballyho’s restaurant,

after which It watched the sun set over the bay on last time this year in Key Largo.  Here is a link to a gallery with some more photographs of the sunset. Florida Key Largo   sunset March 16 2020 

“A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” —Moslih Eddin Saadi




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