Florida Day Three: Key Largo: Made Famous By Bogie And Becall

Florida Day Three: Key Largo: Made Famous By Bogie And Becall

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After returning  from my morning hike in the Everglades I had a light breakfast at my hotel and   was on my way to Key Largo  It was only a 30 mile drive and I was  soon at my home for the next three days, the Bar Harbor and Coconut Bay Resort. 

I had visited the Keys twice before, the first time while in college. This was before I saw the movie Key Largo named after this tiny island or “key”. We were on our way to Pine Key and only drove through the island.  Key Largo and all the “keys” are  connected to each other  by Highway One. 

The second time I visited we were on our way to Key West. We drove through at night. So, when I checked into my resort  it was the first time I was actually in the Key Largo,  made famous by  Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Becall. I loved this movie and had wanted to visit this place since I watched the hurricane scene many years ago . 

After settling in my room I wandered through  the beautiful flower  gardens of the resort. I also found the small private beach and dock. 

I knew there were some parks on the island but I was told by the folks in the resort office  the closest was about ten miles away. I was tired from my long hike in the Everglades and decided to just explore the area near  the resort. 

As I mentioned above,  there is only one highway that connects all of the keys, aptly named Highway One . It is about 130 miles from Florida City to the southern most key, Key West. My resort was located on  this highway near mile marker 98. 

I began my  walk north on  this sometimes busy  busy highway. The Coconut Bay Resort  was located about four miles south of the major  commercial area of Key Largo. 

The area had a mixture of  business, commercial and residential properties. There were a few fast food restaurants and some local eateries like this one, where I would have a nice meal during my stay. 

There were also a lot of  business related to to boating industry. Boat sales, boat rentals and boat repair shops were everywhere. 

I walked past a small local fire that was under control. 

And I soon walked past the local state police headquarters. 

There were a few birds singing in the trees including this mockingbird. I love these birds as my dad did. 

Shortly after seeing the mocking bird I saw these morning glories. Another reminder of my dad. He planted some morning glory seeds when I was four or five years old and assured me the would produce flowers. I watched them all summer and sure enough they bloomed one cool late July morning. I knew he was with me, as was my sister, they always will be.

I walked past some unusual businesses including a palm reader. 

I love to walk the streets of a small town and just observe the homes, yards and businesses.

I walked for about a mile under the intense sun of South Florida. I walked five miles in the Everglades so I was tired and decided to return to the resort. 

I past a few more  business and some old residences that may have been around when the Key Largo was produced in 1947. Here is a link to some more photographs from my walk. Key Largo afternoon walk. April 13 2018. 

It was not early afternoon when I  returned to my room. I relaxed for about an hour with some of the local critter. The gardens of the resort were crawling with lizards. 

After editing some photographs I showered and drove into downtown Key Largo were I had a nice dinner at the Fish House. 

It was a beautiful Florida evening  without a cloud in the sky. I returned to my resort just in time to enjoy the sunset at our private beach. 

There is nothing like watching a sunrise or sunset.

I always find the sunsets in the tropics to be the most beautiful. 

The sun seems to just drop  beneath the horizon. It was a perfect way to end a long but enjoyable day. I was tired but stayed out to watch the stars. The beach faced north east and I found the Big and Little Dippers in the clear sky.  Here is a link to some more photographs from the sunset. Key Largo Sunset. April 13 2018. 


“Hold your course. You’re headed straight for Key Largo…”       Key Largo 1947 movie