Flowers, Spiders And Insects: A Walk With My Macro Lens.

Flowers, Spiders And Insects: A Walk With My Macro Lens.

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The dry weather here in Northeastern Pennsylvania has certainly affected the growth of wild mushrooms.  I haven’t been finding as many as other years. They thrive in wet and humid weather conditions However, I am still looking for them and usually take my camera and macro lens with me. This allows me to observe the flowers, insects, leaves and spiders that I encounter from a different perspective. blue flowers

Last week I took a  couple of walks and came across some late summer wild flowers and the insects they attract, A large patch of wild mint was a popular place for bees, wasps, yellow jackets and even flies. fly on flower

It was good to see the many bees active gathering pollen from the mint flowers.

There were many different species of wasps too. . 


Golden rod is also plentiful along the trail and this wild flower, or weed to some, also attracts insects, including yellow jackets.yellow jacket on goldenrod flowers

Bees also were attracted to this bright yellow flowers that, too many, are nothing more than a source of pollen that aggravates their allergies.  To the bees it is sustenance. bee on goldenrod flowers

Many types of beetles also visited the goldenrod. beetles on goldenrod flowers

A few tiny caterpillars dangled from silken threads.

A few monarch butterflies also  fluttered in the late summer sky visiting the last flowers of the year. 

They too gathered food from the flowers. 

And were there are insects there are spiders.

I saw this one looking for a unsuspecting insect to get trapped in it’s web. 

In addition to the flowers, insects and spiders I viewed this poison pigskin mushroom. 

this burdock bur 

and this oak leaf lit up by the afternoon sun. 

Pokeweed berries are now ripe.  Spring and Summer and the enchanting growth of plant life they  produced are over. Nature will now enter the final stage of it’s annual  growth. It will soon be entering it’s long Winter’s sleep. Hopefully not before we get some rain, and a late crop of edible wild mushrooms. Here is a link to some more photographs from my walk. Macro lens walks September 17 to 20 2019. 

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.” – Buddha

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