Mid September And Summer Is In No Hurry To Leave This Year.

Mid September And Summer Is In No Hurry To Leave This Year.

Railroad track hike  (17 of 25)
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It was another sunny and hot   day here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  I did not even bother to look for mushrooms, which most years are abundant this time of year, because of the lack of rain.  Instead I hiked out to the local railroad tracks and ponds near my house. And I found out just how dry it is. Railroad track hike  (14 of 25)

I haven’t been out this way for since I returned from Scandinavia and when I last visited I had to jump across a stream that ran here.  Not today. It was bone dry. Railroad track hike  (18 of 25)

And I was able to stand in the middle of this ponds which was alive with frogs, dragonflies, snakes and insects when I was here last. Not today.Railroad track hike  (16 of 25)

And you can tell how the drought is affecting the plants by comparing this cattail growing in an area where there is still water. Railroad track hike  (1 of 25) - Copy


And this one which was growing in an area where the water dried up weeks ago. The lack of water really takes it toll. Railroad track hike  (6 of 25)

I saw no birds on the entire walk, bot even a crow or blue jay. The water fowl, robins and song birds are now long gone. There were a few butterflies still hovering about or collecting nectar from the fall flowers. Railroad track hike  butterfly 3 (1 of 1)

And I did see a few dragonflies but it appears even the insect population is suffering from the heat.Railroad track hike  dragonfly (1 of 1)

The high temperatures sure made it feel like Summer but the signs are everywhere that Fall, and cooler weather are not far  away. Here is a link to some more photos I took on my  hike today.  https://keepyoureyespeeled.net/photographs-5/nggallery/blog-photos/railroad-track-hike-september-18-2015Railroad track hike  (4 of 25)



“By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer’s best of weather
And autumn’s best of cheer.”
–   Helen Hunt Jackson,