Panama Day 6: My Last Hike At The Canopy Tower And Off To Explore Panama City

Panama Day 6: My Last Hike At The Canopy Tower And Off To Explore Panama City

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It was my last morning  at the Canopy Tower ecolodge in the Soberania National Park in Panama.  As on the previous mornings during my stay , I was up early, 6 am., hoping to watch the sunrise from the roof of the tower.  Once  again it was cloudy.  But the views  of the misty  hills and  valleys of the rainforest were still breathtaking.

It was just me  on the rooftop. The rest of the guests were already off on a birding adventure to  the Atlantic coast.  I did not find as many birds without the help of a guide and only saw this keel-billed toucan   in the trees below the tower.

I wanted to get one last hike in before I left the Canopy Tower lodge so I packed before breakfast,  which was served at 7:30 am. It was another delicious breakfast and which I ate my last meal at the lodger alone in the dining/library/ meeting room.

After eating, I took one last hike  on the steep access road that leads up to the Canopy Tower which sits atop Semaphore Hill in the Soberania National Park.

The steep road is surrounded by  the lush trees, ferns and plants of the rainforest.

Tropical wildflowers bloomed under the lush canopy of trees. This is, according to Google images is hot lips (Psychotria poeppigiahelconia)

this a species of helconia,

and this one I couldn’t identify .

I also saw this  stinkhorn fungus which I am familiar with from my walks in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

I didn’t see many birds on this walk, just this ivory billed woodcreeper and

this northern waterthrush. I was especially pleased to see this bird since I see them every Spring on the streams and creeks near my home in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

I also saw a couple of white-nosed coati foraging along the trail.

I had walked about a   mile to the bottom of the hill and made my way back up. It was hot and humid and a steep climb.

I was glad to see the Canopy Tower,

and  enter the gates of the abandoned U.S. radar installation.

I walked around the gardens of the Canopy Tower one last time  and saw this pretty butterfly.

I walked through the beautifully decorated lodge one last time,

and returned to my room. I quickly packed and  had to say farewell to this wonderful lodge. I would highly recommend it not only for it’s amazing location in the middle of a rainforest but also for it’s  friendly staff, the delicious meals and the amazing and well informed nature guides. It was an amazing experience and I hope to return again soon.  Here is a link to  a gallery with some photos from my morning walk at the Canopy Tower. Panama Day 6 morning hike October  21 2023.

I was off to my next stop  on my visit to Panama. I was staying at the Panama Marriot Hotel  near the Albrook Mall and the Metropolitan Nature Park in Panama City.  My driver spoke no English and I spoke no Spanish so it was a quiet, and scenic,   1/2 hour ride to my hotel.  I enjoyed the sights of the  countryside  on the way.  We drove along the Panama Canal.  I watched the scenery  change from rural rainforest, to suburb, to a modern  urban city.

I arrived early at my hotel but was glad to find a room was ready. I quickly checked in, stowed my luggage in my room,  and was out the door  to explore Panama City.

I walked along a busy highway,

toward the  massive Albrook  mall and a large bus and train terminal across a busy street. .

I love exploring the streets of a city.  It was Saturday and the area was congested with motor vehicle traffic and pedestrians.

I took a peek inside one of the many entrances to the modern mall, the largest in South and Central America. At the entrance was this large tiger It was impressive but   I decided I had seen enough of the cars and people.

I took a taxi the the Causeway and was dropped off at the  Biomuseum   where we had visited the previous day.

It was cloudy but hot and humid when I began my hike.

I first stopped to view the  famous Bridge of the America that spanned the original Panama Canal (I would learn the next day there was a new large canal built after the canal was returned to Panama  from the United States when the lease expired) .

I walked along the Causeway that was built to protect the original canal from the waves and wind from the Pacific Ocean.

It was a nice  scenic hike along the Causeway. I was able to see the skyline of modern Panama City,

and enjoy  the trees and gardens growing along the trail.

I saw some wildlife  including this lizard,

 this tropical mockingbird,

and this black vulture.

I continued my hike on the 1 1/2 mile Causeway that connected the mainland with a couple of small islands. I enjoyed the views of the skyline of modern Panama across the bay and watched seas birds, such as this white pelican, flying overhead, 

There were a lot of people walking on the causeway even though it was hot and humid under the cloudy skies.

And here were also a lot of boat and ships of all sizes docked along the  Causeway as it approached  Perico Island, the first of two small islands.

The Administrative Center for the  Panama Canal was at the entrance of the island.

I walked onto the islands and wanted to explore some of it’s streets. There was a lot to  explore.

There were dozens of restaurants and small shops selling all sorts of items.

And there was an amusement park with rides for both children and adults.

Music was playing from some of the taverns making for a very festive mood. It was a great place to spend a Saturday afternoon. 

However, I had already hiked over five miles and it was hot and humid. I decided to end my hike and take a taxi back to the hotel. Here is a link to a gallery with some more photos from my hike on the Causeway.  Panama Day 6 Panama City Causeway  October 21 2023. 

It was late afternoon when I returned. After unpacking and showering I was looking for something to eat. The woman at the front desk suggested  a restaurant in the mall , El Trapiche. However is was over a half mile walk and, as it always seems top do in Panama in the afternoon it was raining, No problem said the woman at the desk you could walk there through the mall which was connected to the hotel. And I did., for a half mile.  The mall was huge. And amazing so clean and with so many stores, 100’s of them. And all kind of entertainment for the children. It was packed. It was, by far, the largest mall  I ever visited. I wish I had taken my camera. Well I made it to the restaurant. The food was good, I had my usual dish which  included a local  fish,

and, of course,  dessert. I was full and  once again made my way through the mall.

It was even more crowded. I did take the wrong  turn a few times but I eventually made it  back to my hotel. I had hoped to watch the Philadelphia Phillies baseball playoff game on a  local television station, I knew baseball was a favorite sport in Panama, but it wasn’t on. I had to settle for watching it on my lap top computer, only after having to purchase a subscription to a MLB app. It was a good game.  I was tired but I watched the Phillies win. I was soon asleep looking forward to another day exploring Panama City 

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