Turtles, Cormorants And Bald Eagles At The PPl Wetlands.

Turtles, Cormorants And Bald Eagles At The PPl Wetlands.

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The second weekend in Spring arrived with some Spring-like temperatures here in Northeastern Pennsylvania..  It was cloudy with temperatures in the 60’s on Saturday.  And  like  most weekends  I found myself at the PPL Wetlands in Salem Township.trees along canal in PPl wetlands

There is so much wildlife activity in this nature preserve. I find myself  always anticipating what I may find out  here, especially in  the Spring. I parked at Lake Took-A-While. I soon saw the first of many of the recently arrived red-winged blackbirds. This is a male.male red-winged blackbird

These birds arrive in large flocks in early Spring. This is a female. Sorry for the poor  quality photographs. The overcast  skies were not the best  conditions  for photography.female red-winged blackbird in tree

As I walked along the lake I  there were not as many ducks on the water.  I still saw a few bufflehead ducks.bufflehead geese on lake

Across the lake I  saw these  common mergansers. common mergansers on lake

There were new arrivals too . Double-crested cormorants were bobbing their heads on the lake while others were flying overhead. comorants in flight

The were also a lot of fisherman trying their luck along the shores of the lake.bridge in wetlands

The large flock of geese were gone.  They have paired up now and are settling into the territories they staked out. Soon they will be tending their eggs in the pair of Canada geese on lake nest. 

I walked past the lake and followed the river trail to the Susquehanna River. I saw a few cardinals in the woods.cardianl in tree

Of course there were plenty of robins along the trail now.robin in tree

Another sign of Spring was the appearance of some green  plants. I am not sure what this flower is but i was sure glad to see it.plant with green leaves and small white flowers

I walked along the river, seeing a another flock of cormorants. They were frightened by an boat on river approaching boat. 

I returned to the wetlands and was watching the ducks on the lake when i saw this bald eagle flying overhead. I am always delighted to see our National symbol  on my hikes.bald eagle in flight

As I watched it fly into the distance another one, a juvenile, soared overhead in the overcast sky. juvenile bald eagle in flight

Two bald eagle sightings  in one day is always a good thing.juvenile bald eagle in flight over wetlands

I next  walked into the wetlands and found another welcome sign of Spring. The turtles were once again sitting on the logs in the warm morning air.

I also encountered this critter, I believe it is a muskrat swimming in a canal in the wetlands.

I returned to the lake seeing a few woodpeckers in the wetlands on my way.

Despite the cloudy skies it was still a great Spring day in the PPl Wetlands. I  wish they were of a better quality, but the cloudy skies were not kind, here is a link to some more photos from my hike. PPL hike wetland hike March 30 2019.

May you soar on eagle wings, high above the madness of the world.  Jonathan Lockwood Huie

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