Walking the backroads of Belize

Walking the backroads of Belize

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Good morning on  a cloudy and chilly morning at the Bird’s Eye View Lodge in Crooked Tree Belize.  Looks like all that frigid weather they are having up north has made it’s way down here. We have a northerly wind which brought in some cooler temperature. Must have dipped into the 60’s  this morning and  some of the locals have jackets on.  No complaints from this escapee from the frigid northern waste.

Took a nice, and long, hike out of the village today to a second lagoon. Once again walked through the awakening village to the crowing of roosters and the calling and singing of many species of birds. Cows, horses and dogs roamed the village. I wanted to point out that the most of the animals are fenced in but some owners let them roam free to gather their own food. The fences are made of the wood that made the village famous, logwood.  It is what brought the English bayman here in the 17th century. The wood is used as a dye for wool. Termites won’t eat it so it is used for post. You can she it in post in the photo below.

I left the town, and walked through old abandoned cashew groves. The word become deserted and I  didn’t see a human for two miles. Cashew groves gave way to savannah woods mixed with tropical pines. Then became wet until I reached the lagoon, which was a wide expanse of marsh and swamp land. All my Facebook friends know how much I love swamps.  And not a soul around. Loved the peace and quite. Only sounds were the many species of birds.  Saw many species of birds, including  herons, vultures, a cardinal, a snail kite and a rare flock of yucatan jays. Made my way back into town just as the elementary children were going to school. They go to school in town, not like the secondary school children, who take the one hour bus ride to Belize city. It was a long walk, 7.5 miles but a very enjoyable one. I am becoming quite found of this little village.  Internet was good today so was able to upload some photos to my Flicker page. Here is the link, if you are interested. https://flic.kr/s/aHsk8Dh3kF


“Unexplored paths lead to undiscovered treasures”
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